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ComiX ... that are just.... not rite ....









From My New Favorite Site:

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Just keep hitting the random button and laugh yourself to insanity.... but b4 you do, post the good ones here (plzzz & thankU :) )



This one's from xkcd... some of them are really good... most are just like.... whatever...

xkcd - A Webcomic - Faust 2.0
I don't remember. I don't quite remember why G!d is female either.
dont know the boondocks...... but C0de, my sons will get a massive giggle over those comics......... you young guys are sick, sick, (shakes her head as she walks away, "where did i go wrong?") LOL
d00de I Luv Boondocks ! Too bad the show died.
I tried to find a mp3 of the opening theme but no dice.
I did find a clip of one of my favorite moment though
Scroll to minute 6:45 YouTube - THE BOONDOCKS-GRANDAD'S FIGHT P1
.... good times :)

yep yep...It die out. One of my favorites episodes was about when they found MLK alive and they brought him home for dinner and little brother said "Who is this bleep bleep...he going to eat up all the food and the grand dad took him in the living room and wore that azz out...i feel out my seat laughin on that one....literally..

@ Grey + 11 + Seattle + Dream + Alex + Dauer


There definitely is a certain darkness to the humor of our generation, for sure.


The MLK epi is definitely one of my favs. The speech in the end... man I thought that was the real MLK for a second!


This was awsome !



You know it took me like 5 slides of the archive to finally get the idea of those damn dinasaur comix! LOL ! At first I was like... wait didn't that just happen in the last one? That T-Rex is stepping on that damn house again! Dejavu??? ......... and then I'm like.... ohhhhhhhh ! (Lighbulb)!

Alex + Dauer

I know, I know I said "comix that are just not rite" ...
but holy crap !!!! Damn all religiously offensive comiX !!!!
!! !!! ! ! damn em all to hell ! :mad::D:p : p

the comic I posted is actually designed by a spiritual, religious individual. He's just very far to the left and has no problem criticizing the limited aspects of his own tradition's sacred text. It's his own sacred wrestling with tradition.

-- Dauer

edit: information about the author and some of the other work he does related to Torah:

@ Dauer

Please excuse my 'delicate sensibilities' :eek:

I don't know man, to be honest, this is the only subject on which I feel uncomfortable laughing at. Even all those moments in Familly Guy when Jesus (PBUH) pops up, you know, everyone else starts cracking up and I'm just like... looking around trying to ignore the TV for those 4-5 seconds... kinda hoping no one notices my discomfort, you that feeling??? err.... maybe not... I dont know... just a personal thing I guess.

I think that's very understandable. It's why I urged caution with clicking the link. I don't really get that way. I'm probably the opposite in my response to things like that. But I respect your reaction. And as I understand it (though I may be mistaken) Islam's been even more opposed to images historically than Judaism has been.

-- Dauer
You know what im not opposed to though... explosms !!!!