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17th Angel

לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
Ok, looky looky here. These are the names that are to be put forward for the Flow poetry thread. [Please note if you are not in this list, do not, DO NOT whine at me lol... I am putting this thread up as a favour] I had no control of who was in this list.... Anyway Good luck kiddies!!! May it be fun, and remember they were all good and even if you don't win teh prize! You're still special!!!

Chin chin.

Poll is PUBLIC meaning we can see who you vote for... DO NOT vote for yourself... you low lifes!!!! and there is a week til it closes the 12th!! OK KIDDES VOTE VOTE NOW!!! DO IT!
OK, so I voted for grey's, but I must say there were some good contenders and Seattlegal's strongly appealed my sense of humor and short attention span.
I voted for myself, of course!

Sorry Alex_P, you think I actually read rules?
I'd like to thank those who have voted for me...

I had to go and find the thread and read it, and frankly don't know how my poem was composed. I have my moments, and I thank spirit that some of them are while my fingers are on the keyboard. But I know that that effort was not of me, but a reflection of what I receive here.

For those who don't know of the thread, please look at http://www.interfaith.org/forum/poetry-competition-10409.html

Alex does there exist a time frame on the voting? I'm rereading and contemplating prior to voting...great stuff there...
Alex said:
You obviously read the rules to know that I mentioned about voting for yourself. I voted for wil to counter act cheating :)
Ha ha ha, no one will ever know now whether I would have voted for myself! Of course I am far too humble.
Alex, I believe that I have treated both you and the others as if you were my equals, so you cannot complain!
Now I'm going to have to actually read wil's poem... find out what all the buzz is about.

Read it. Okay... I guess... if you like that poignant, thoughtful, articulate kind of thing.
Just bumping this back to the top and giving a friendly kick to the shins/reminder that those who wish to vote and haven't perhaps you've forgot or what not but this ends on the 12th. So all those that haven't but wish to, this is a reminder :)
I compared to my submission,

Greymare's was more poetic
Francis's was deeper
Seattle's was funnier
Vajradhara's took me to a place our neverending haiku does
Dream has better metaphors
Alex had a great parable
Citizenzens, was well more Citi than zen
Luna's was more moving

I really liked them all and really dislike having to choose, but I feel an obligation as folks were willing to choose me.