Birkat Hachamah

Dunno exactly, and excessive devotion cannot be defined by quantity if that's what you're suggesting. To expand on what I said above: "I would actually make the case that the brachot are a safeguard against idolatry."

The mitzvot connect one's actions and the happenings in one's life back to G!d. By being inclusive they prevent a person from idolatry, from excessive devotion to work, to drugs, to isolationist spiritual exploration. They demand of a person full engagement with the world in which they live.

Well said, this also seems like a case to me against fundamentalism of any type, do you agree ?
Yes, but unfortunately I don't think it's always preventative.
...have been out today in the sun- and it is true- the sun is blessed, and we are blessed by that sun- praise (the) God(s)!

am thinking of British May Day festivals, and yoga sun salutations...

and bless u Dauer, for giving me these curious little insights into the world of Judaism!
overcast and well needed rain here,but pregnant ewes grazing on grass now tells the story of the suns rays.:)
It was pretty good. I wish I'd taken the T to Brookline though. The shul down the street from here didn't make it relevant to contemporary concerns at all and a few congregations were getting together in Brookline.
In the Hawaiian language we use to use the "r" sound which was replaced by "L" - so we now use "la" for the sun instead of "ra" .... Haleakala - "hale" (house) a (of) ka (the) la (sun) .... many references to the sun, the transition from night to day .... to welcome the sun in a sacred sense is to pass through the night (the path of darkness) and to arrive at the top of the mountain (to see the light) .... in other words, the transition to wisdom and knowledge .... I only put this in its simplist form because that is the basic .... has nothing to do with worship of the sun .... has much to do with a process of enlightenment .... when one finally sees g-d face to face .... while I do not know about birkat hachamah, I do respect references to the "sun" in its many forms. I think that the meaning of the term to "worship the sun" will become clearer with the "New Tora" - when its secrets and mysteries will be revealed, those that have remained hidden. I look forward to the regathering and the return of the Mashiah. He Hawai'i Au, Po