How would you like to log in as "You"?


The Dangerous Dinner
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The opposite of mee is . . . you.:D

This was actually nativeastral's idea, where he proposed mee change his user name to "you" to see what kind of psychological effect that would have on the rest of us.

Just imagine all the things I could do . . .
what happens when we run out of pronouns and such?

I volunteer to be wtf ;)
tao could be us

rhomas - them

alex - we

I'll be why

oh my this could be fun

How, why, what, when, where?

How about Teddy Bear? I just learnt today, that teddy bears are named after Teddy Roosevelt.

There could be other words like:

Never, forever, clever, God, Lolly-pop, biscuit, dinner, lunch, breakfast, polysaccharide, oxymoron, etc.

It's funny how individual words can be amusing as user names.

What about . . . Mum, Dad?:D

Boyfriend, girlfriend, nanny, sausage roll, party pie, tomato sauce.

I dare someone to choose some of these as user names.
What about "I" as opposed to "you"? Should be interesting in the arguments. :)
I always thought that one was the beginning of some sort of pledge/marriage contract between the man, machine and forum.

I, Brian take thee for my lawful wedded cross, to bear from this day forward...
I'm glad that you used "thee" instead of "you" regarding the pledge/marriage thing. I might have been tempted to substitute "ewe" instead, just to rile the Scots. :p