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Discussion in 'Abrahamic Religions' started by wil, Apr 13, 2009.

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    How do you feel your national statistics about your population are meaningless, do you mean inaccurate? I am saying you are on an Island...an area which does not coincide with the status quo of your general population, you live where there is a preponderonce of ethnicities compared to the rest of your country.

    Now I do know that I attend a church that is almost exactly 50% black...most black people think it is mostly white, and most white people think it is mostly black.

    My wife suggested that we get vinyl siding because everyone has it. I said no everyone doesn't have it. She said well most people have it, I said no, most people don't have it. We drove around what she perceived as most or every was less than 20%.

    I'm not saying that your perception is that far off...but I would tend to believe the stats and that the area you live is incongruent with your country...
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    That right there proves he did NOTHING for the state for two of those years. This is a flaw in the system. I dont blame Obama directly for that. Other than they need to give up the senate if they want to run for president and let someone else do the job they neglect for 2 years. You know he also lied 5 times about running.

    Then you voted the right way, but most people don't think like that. They vote to keep the other guy out.

    America has a lot of enemies because of Bush and Bush dealt the good cards to people he liked. Obama will do the same thing only in a more peaceful way. I think he will project peace but not make peace. We will find out his personal agenda soon enough.

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