Hello, Old Friends - I need your Prayers


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Hey All,

You last visited: 10-12-2007 hmm seems I only show up here at very sad times in my life. That Novemer my wife of 18yrs showed signs and was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer.

Prognosis 6mnths to a year God still has her here with me. I take care of her well. We pray and see nearly every prayer answered other than "cured" thats ok as long as I have the strength to ask His will be done.

Now aside from asking for prayer for her.
This is kinda a place I can sneak and ask for prayer for me as well. Its getting very very hard to have faith God will have good come of cancer.

Pray for our familiy My wife Sherri, our children and sisters and brothers.

My Prayers Join Yours,
I am not a person of god, but I wished to say my thoughts are with you. Easier to say than do, but you will need to be positive, strong and calm. I would say have the strength to enjoy these days with her and have the strength to smile and laugh.

It is inspiring to see you still hold a faith in god when you are having to deal with this.
Basstian, my prayer goes up for your wife. May God touch her soul and her body. May God be glorified in this situation. I pray, oh, Lord for healing, but I pray more for your grace which is sufficient. Lord, keep Basstian and the rest of the family in Your Bosum and comfort weary hearts. In Christ's name. Amen.
Namaste Basstian,

Yes in these times of crisis it is not always easy or even seemingly possible to see the light.

You and yours bathed in it though, the light is always shining. I see you and your wife healthy and whole in spirit.

May peace and blessings find you during this time.
Basstian, I pray for you to be filled with the strength and peace of God, that your wife, yourself, and your children are given comfort and love from God that eases suffering and affords joy even during times of crisis. You are in my thoughts...