Thank You

Well, China posted something particularly abusive about another member, which was removed and he was infracted for it.

He reposted it in a slightly reworded way and claimed as "opinion" it therefore didn't count as a personal attack - so it was removed and he infracted again.

So he sent a PM telling my I'm a "pansy ass" and thinks I'm going to ban him for it.

While I don't want to allow abuse of other members, I'm expected to show a larger degree of tolerance and self-control to abuse directed at myself.

I considered the inappropriate language part of the first infraction legitimate. I shouldn't have used the term that rhymes with lard on. I wrote the second post to explain why the first post wasn't a personal attack, but I replaced the offending term with an appropriate one of the same meaning. You misread my motive. I know that I can be a hot head, and I thought that I might actually wind up getting banned so I wanted to thank some people whose friendship and intellectual input I've deeply appreciated.

I think their thinking is that whatever they can feasibly stop (killing) they will. They make the attempt.

Like the story of the boy and the starfish...

I'm always intrigued at the speed of your growth...

a. knee jerk reaction
b. immediately googles and reads voracoiusly
c. posts retraction

I have no idea what you're talking about?

And obviously you have no idea either lol.
In your thread "Can Gays be Cured?" in post no.8 you said "Theres alot of things animals do that we shouldn't.. I rest my case"

These two sentiments do not seem consistent to me. Can you explain please?


Were not better then animals what makes something better?

Theres things animals do that we shouldn't, this is a matter of opinion.

I cant see the contradiction. Not that theres any shame in contradiction, my opinion does tend to change occasionally.
Will its good Alex is intriged by Jainism. Jainism can teach us all a thing or 2. I doubt he's going to pack his bags and head towards a Jain town to spend the rest of his life practicing and reading Jain scriptures. I would try talk him out of it if it came to that.
the only thing stopping me doing it is the fact they might not have an internet connection. joke haha
We've had a couple Jains show up over the past few years at our interfaith day of prayer. They've always impressed me with thier dedication of going over the line. I find the Sikhs interesting in their allegiance to their book. The Sufi's I am enamoured by the interfaith dances for universal peace celebrating all religions in movement and chant/song. I could go on and on, as the representatives of all religions have been so interesting to hear and meet and discuss concepts with.

But Jains, as much as I admire them I don't believe I could ever go that far. Suppose that makes me a little more than hypocritical.
But Jains, as much as I admire them I don't believe I could ever go that far. Suppose that makes me a little more than hypocritical.

Whats stopping you?

I wouldnt take it that far either to be honest, i've never gone too long without eating red meat and I dont know if I can hack quitting it, but I do actually feel genuine guilt sometimes (and to be fair too much red meat isnt all that good for you). But I still see a whole load of improvements that can be made in other areas of my life from a Jain perspective, especially the way we treat each other. I can imagine a Jain would be the kind of person that would rather get killed then to kill. If we all did this then there would be no more wars.

I know the wild west has and still does misbehave but the modern wonders we have today would never have come about if we all decided to become Jains or maybe this is a misconception? Actually I think this is a big misconception.
But Jains, as much as I admire them I don't believe I could ever go that far. Suppose that makes me a little more than hypocritical.

I dont know Wil. I know some call you " wishy washy" but to me you have walked more miles of peace and unity than many would even dare contemplate. If it aint broke.....dont fix it!! ;)