If You Ruled The World!!


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You wake up in the morning, look out of your window and find people from all over the world have gathered outside your home screaming your name. Something drastic happened while you were asleep, you became ruler of the world! Authorities immediately set up a secure area around your home as it becomes the center of the world. All decisions have to be passed through you and you have absolute control over everything.

What would you use this power for?
The first words out of my mouth would be "I have always sensed somehow that this would happen to me!" Then I would summon my advisors and have them inform me of the laws. Then I would put lots of money into my bank accounts, plus hide some gold and other fine items in my various mansions and secret storage locations. I would implement a new democratic government, change my identity, and live in comfort and anonymity for the rest of my life. Plus I would patent lots of cool gadgets.
l would let the laws lie within the realm of areas already established and happy with them without much intrusion and send out loads of facilitators to facilitate peaceful proceedings. The main thing would be to blast all weapons into outerspace or whatever way to get rid of them safely as well as all other weapons of war and killing machine made of metal, and make bridges with them.
I am just so bad at these what if's....

for me just as I started making incredible decisions which would cost peace to reign, starvation, jealousy, avarice to end and bigotry against race, religion, creed, and sexual orientation all to disappear for the forseeable future....I'd get this incessant ringing in my ears...and roll over and hit the snooze button.
I'd get rid every gun, ban the military, and I'd make it illegal to eat meat. HUZZAH!
Ummm... first of all, I'd get a better house. One more suitable to large crowds pestering me at all hours of the night.

I would... borrow the best people I could find out of the best armies and secret service jobs For a bit of intimidation factor and body guards. Then I would find translators that I could trust, and have a meeting with all leaders of all nations. I'd have them unaware of the other leaders presence and have them all come in separately. I'd have a talk with them. Explain the new order. Then I'd take all of their weapons guards and privelages away and lock them all in a room together with close supervision, but not too close. Also I'd find the scientist that had invented a babelfish type thingy but his work had been suppressed by the government. I'd take one of em for me, then I'd strap one of those suckers to all the world leaders and let them talk it out. Breakfast club style. And they would stay there until they could get along. If it could work for a bunch of crazy teenagers it could work for them.

Human rights? What human rights? Mwahahah... just kiddin...

Ooo, and I would find out all the secrets that all of the world leaders and top ppl were privey to that I've always wanted to know. Like the existence of wizards, lol. And I'd find a scientist that could make me a device that allowed me to read minds. Cuz that would rock.

Anywho once the world leaders were all good with eachother, I'd put them back in charge of their respective countries with close supervision from people I could trust. Oh, and I'd put Ron Paul in charge of America. :p Cuz he just rocks and he should've won. Obama can help. He's cool too.

Then I would spend the rest of my life taking care of the problems of a bunch of whiney baby dictators and funneling money into projects that actually do some good in the world. Plus putting scientists onto how to make a replicator. And make it economical. And distribute them to all countries and people. And devote a legion of tec ppl that know how to fix them to do solely that. And set them to make only food, clothing, useful stuff. Not grenades or nothin, ya know...There goes world hunger.

I'd do a bunch of other stuff. One of those things being training the next leader of the world. I would choose someone who doesn't want the job, but has potential in all of the characteristics that would make him a great ruler. And someone that I knew would enjoy it once he got used to it and really like the job. And he'd have to be cute. No one likes a fugly ruler... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

But that's just me...:D
Yup, of course, couldn't let that crowd of ppl go to waste.

Meanie... sarcasm stings... *pouts* lol. *puts lotion on sarcasm stingy spot*

But hey, ruling the world takes a lot of prep work...it's like thanksgiving dinner man...
Meanie... sarcasm stings... *pouts* lol. *puts lotion on sarcasm stingy spot*

There, there. No need for hurt feelings. If it's any consolation, you've been a breath of fresh air in this musty old asylum.

Please forgive this middle-aged man, stuck with an eighth-grade mind. :D
Nice Avi to some people this Greek letter may appear as just a 3 lined symbol, but not to the mathematically and scientifically minded!
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YAYZ it worked. Bloo gets schooled about sarcasm! Enjoy!

And my feelings don't get hurt that easily. :rolleyes: Cha, geez... lol.

I'm a fresh of breath air! Yay!
I'd take the same path as CZ id dismantle the military apart from a national guard that protects me and other interests :), make it illegal to eat meat, make smoking and abortions illegal. I would make it illegal to work more then 5 days a week and no more then 6 hours a day so people can spend more time with thier family (thats how we do it in Cyprus ;)). Anyone that protests against my laws or speaks negatively of me will get lashings, I will need the use of fear to get people to obey my laws Muhahaha. Everyone will enjoy complete freedom on their racial, religious and sexual orientations and backgrounds.
In MY world, vegetarian exsmokers and those similar would be banished to the world of CZ and postie.

People who steal would be placed in sealed glass cages in local shopping centres, so the public could see who they are.....

lowlife, Rockspiders etc would (if found guilty) be taken out the back and shot. (guaranteed to never reoffend).

Pet ownership would be only on approval of the government.
I would encourage and support communal vegetable gardens , and community welfare groups.
I would ensure ALL our returned servicemen and women were looked after until the end of their natural lives. ( and their families).

thats al for now, there wil be more.
....and because there would be millions of ex servicemen redundant through lack of any warring to do and once they've built their bridges, l would send them off to rebuild all the devastated towns using all the top notch architects from the multinationals [which would be publically owned now] to design homes for every one using the latest technology, solar, wind, low emission etc as well as the infrastructure to get water available to everyone [basic yeh?]. things would become very macrobiotic, no coals to newcastle, only energy avaliable nearby to be used. public transport would be highly developed and encouraged and made dirt cheap as all the fuel used by the war industry would be freed up. No trees would be felled for pretty much anything, only recycling allowed so get used to being creative with last years xmas cards!

l think immortalitys idea on getting some loggerheads together is a good idea too, might have to spike their tea with some e though:p