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Consumerism is 'eating the future' - opinion - 07 August 2009 - New Scientist

It has a footprint counter you can use to calculate your real impact. I have dared not use it. I'd be too ashamed. I am in denial.

I just bought an Alfa and I do feel guilty. It is small engined by US standards but still more consumptive than I could have bought. Even with the Alfa this year I must be doing better than last when I took 14 flights and drove 3 or 4 thousand rental miles. So I'm promising myself I will drive my new toy sparingly. I still have my bike for going into the city and most local journeys... but its still not good enough is it... it is not an 80% reduction.
The trouble is, awareness of our impact does not necessarily mean that purchases made with that understanding are the right ones.

I remember reading attacks on the Toyota Pruis, that pointed out that for all the green credentials being touted for this car, the main part for its hybrid fuel engine is sourced from one of the most polluting open cast mines in the world.

Not everything we do can be "green" - but with awareness, we can try and make informed choices where allowing.

Even when we treat ourselves to conventional goods, we still have an awareness of our lifestyles impacting the planet - a giant leap in our consciousness over the past few decades I'd suggest.
I only go into town once or twice a week, and I don't eat much.
In the past few years, though, I'm sure I used up my lifetime share of the world's resources already.
I put nearly 30,000 miles a year on a car. I just bought a new one which will use a little less fuel, but still tis a lot. Live in a 2,000 square foot house because it was what was available in the school district near that my ex moved to. It burns $100 in gas and elec to run a month...not bad as others I know nearby pay 4 times this for less house (some of my renters do!) I cross the country 2-3 times a year... I did move out of the house with the big yard and pool... so while I have reduced over the past few years I would say my family consumes more resources thann a couple hundred families in the rural third world...

as to the future...and elec cars...anyone heard yet what we'll be doing with all the batteries??
its easy to be green when you're poor.

If you're able to do swish things like... buy cars, own your own home, go on holidays, then, well... you're rich... in real terms... of course, being modestly wealthy and well educated means you will suffer the agonies of wanting cake and wanting to eat that cake too, especially when we live in a society that says eating that cake is sin...

life sucks, doesn't it..? We have this idea that we're principled, and ethical, but are we really?

If we were then we wouldn't use planes- we would holiday closer to home...We wouldn't have cars, we would use public transport, bikes and feet...We wouldn't buy anything other than fair trade- underpants, furniture, jewellery, ornaments, food...we would only use "organic" or "eco-friendly" products- toothpaste, hair dye, toilet cleaner, paint...We would watch who we bank with, we would grow out own food, we would have solar panels and collect rainwater and live- "off-grid"...

bye bye hamburgers... bye bye internet... bye bye hair straighteners... bye bye nail varnish...microwave...exotic holidays, new cars...Tescos...

and, most likely... bye bye life, when you turned up for work looking like a tramp, two hours late because the rail service cancelled your train, bye bye friends- all your time is now spent skip-diving with your Freegan buddies and waxing old pubes to make organic dental floss, and eventually, bye bye life...

unless, of course, you can afford to live off-grid, without slaving for the Man, and still afford your 150£ fair trade denims. Unless you can afford to buy organic and fair trade and eco-friendly everything. Unless you can afford solar panels and generators. The majority cannot. The majority have to work, often miles away from where they live. They have to endure nylon corporate wear. They cannot buy the A grade washing machine or the eco-friendly "Pious" car. They don't buy the fair trade organic cotton t-shirt because it costs 4 times the price of the cheapo. Yes, the purchaser is the shirt is made in a sweatshop, but, on the flip side, if nobody buys those cheapo t-shirts 23,000 garment workers in China and India lose their jobs.

Personally, I think guilt is a killer sin...

Instead, we should just accept that there would have to be a global revolution before the world changed enough so we all lived the so-called right way, 100% of the time.

Then you have to accept that will not happen.

It is the governments responsibility to lead by example. Hoping that people, out of the goodness of their hearts, will deny their own desires for the sake of others? Ridiculous. The government needs to lay down the law, but it won't, because there are always other priorities.
People like to place blame on the consumer....for what?
Playing the only game in town?
Yes, there are alternatives, but mainstream society has been "engineered" to function a certain way and what we all have been taught is acceptable behavior is not and has not been the ecological choice.
Such things were chosen by the misfits and the nutbars, the hippies and the dropouts, etc.
All labels designed to make joe/jane average feel smug and accepted in their standard life.
Now the worm turns again and some will ask the good question of ....why?
What is the undercurrent agenda here?

*from a lifelong misfit*
I put nearly 30,000 miles a year on a car.
I got you beat there: my car is five years old and at 180,000 miles. I don't drive much now, but like I said, the past few years I probably used up my lifetime share of the world's resources.
Yeah, but mine gets 6 mpg.

lol, that was a lie...but seriosly if we get into a who uses the most resources contest, maybe Al Gore will chime in...
I got you beat there: my car is five years old and at 180,000 miles. I don't drive much now, but like I said, the past few years I probably used up my lifetime share of the world's resources.

Mate... I don't even have a freaking car.... ;) So... I have you beat there..... Have at you!



King... "bye bye life" With out all you mention, and EVEN more... You would begin to experience life..... You would be closer to the real freaking deal pal..... The more and more consumed by the list you mention and many other things... The more your soul and life be damned.... :D
That'd work... Riding a camel might be kinda cool. Meh, I guess seeing the pyramids wouldn't be so bad. I could live with the sand. Up to a point... sand and me have a line... it's not to cross it, lol.

I'll just steer clear of the hippos and crocs. They's scary...

Ooo, and the poisonous snakes. And the bugs that eat your flesh...

Maybe I'll just stay in my room, lol.
The voodeedoo! *gasp* :eek: You must not speak of da voodeedoo!

Lol, that reminds me of the time I was listening to Godsmack at my grandma's house, the song voodoo... and she gave me like an hour long lecture for listening to it. Voodoo is bad and all that. And I kept tryin to explain that it was just another religion, and what she was talkin about was hoodoo...but she wouldn't listen...cause I was just some dumb little teenager, lol. Man, she can give a lecture like you wouldn't believe, lol. My brain still hurts from it, to this day!

Um, that was random... No, no I do not do da voodeedoo, lol. Me and sand just don't...mesh well. :D There ya go. :D