Specific interpretation of the Book of Revelation?


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Does anyone know of a text which interprets the Book of Revelation as symbology intended to depict an individual's inner world during his/her passage through the "dark night of the soul," only to emerge on the other end as an enlightened being?
I tend to steer clear of The Revelation .... Too darn confusing for my simple mind. That being said, if you find a text that shows what you are seeking, I'd LOVE to take a look see.
Yes, symbols, I know of such an interpretation - sort of. There may be several, but I am familiar with a short commentary, only, which addresses this subject. The commentary may be helpful, given its nature and source, and can be found online here, if you scroll down to Lesson 72 - Revelation. It should at least point you in the right direction.

There is also a piece of artwork by Augustus Knapp which corresponds directly with what is described in Lesson 72 (referring to Rev. Ch. 12). This may be worth your investigation, especially given your screen name! :)

Hope it helps ...
Thank you, friends. (I downloaded Lesson 72 and image, and will review shortly) I look forward to more responses!
Interesting idea. I've tended to stay clear of Revelations also, but now that you mention it, the book does have a bit of resonance in terms of the inner journey.
The concept of revelation has some profound meaning from an interfaith perspective. But I think I need to think about it further.
Dear taijasi -- a brief perusal of Lesson 72 tells me it is right on the mark! Thank you so much! I've always been drawn to theosophy...
Dear taijasi -- a brief perusal of Lesson 72 tells me it is right on the mark! Thank you so much! I've always been drawn to theosophy...
Wonderful, symbols! Welcome to Interfaith! :)

Nick the Pilot, earl, path of one, myself and several others discuss theosophical topics from time to time. Many of these posts are under alternative, alt/esoteric, or Belief and Spirituality.

There are plenty of folks here who I would consider esotericists, even while some might not identify themselves that way.

The Book of Revelation is uncharted territory for me, as such. The most I've been able to gather is that it is probably intimately related to the Book/Keys of Enoch, if not same wrapped in a different garb ... and that it's dealing with Universal Truths on any number of different levels.

I guess part of the key (these Keys) is to be able to see how the parts fit together where, and to consider the different scales or applications of the theme at hand (chapter, etc.). It's not unlike assembling a puzzle, or creating a Mosaic. :)

For those with esoteric inclinations, I would suggest a visit to the web site of J.J. Dewey, where several dozen posts from online discussions deal with the Teachings from Revelation.
I found this and thought it relevant

Malina, Bruce J., The Genre and Message of Revelation: Star Visions and Sky Journeys (Peabody, Mass. : Hendrickson Publishers, c1995.) {much of the symbolism in the New Testament book of Revelations is drawn from astrology. Not only are the seven candlesticks and the twelve tribes, foundations, etc., meant to remind us, but the various bowls, phials and swords may be interpreted with the symbolism of comets. Very imaginative.

Boll, Franz, Aus der Offenbarung Johannes; Hellenistischen Studien zum Weltbild der Apokalypse Stoicheia I (Leipzig: 1914; repr. Amsterdam, 1967)

Jacques M. Chevalier, Postmodern Revelation: Signs of Astrology and The Apocalypse (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997).

The author believes that astrology and the Book of revelation offer two different ways of interpreting reality, especially time and history. Chevalier accepts that the cultural milieu in which Revelation was composed was infused with astrological practices and beliefs. However, Chevalier disagrees with astral interpretations of Revelation such as Bruce Malina. Chevalier’s book is not confined to simply interpreting John’s Apocalypse, but he seeks to shine a light on subsequent history showing how apocalyptic and astrology have competed with each other in European and Western thought. In addition to discussing how some Christians made use of astrology, Chevalier seeks to throw light on astrology and the apocalypse using insights fro Jung, and from postmodernist thinkers like Derrida. This is a provocative study, but not without weaknesses, particularly in dealing with the fundamental Biblical assertion that God was in Christ reconciling the world. Contains: 1. Ends and Flickers of Doubt -- 2. Music of the Spheres -- 3. A History of Revelations -- 4. Alpha and Omega -- 5. The Seven Churches of Asia -- 6. The Chariot of Fire -- 7. Seven Seals and Four Trumpets -- 8. The Last Three Trumpets -- 9. The Sun-Robed Woman -- Conclusion: Signs of Logomachy -- Postscript: In the Nearness of Evil.

Una Jart, “The Precious Stones in the Revelation of St. John xxi. 18-21” Studia Theologica, Volume 24, no. 2 (1970), pp. 150-181.

A Scandinavian scholar discusses the gemstones in the New Jerusalem and their symbolic meaning, especially with reference to the zodiac.

Frederick Carter, Symbols of Revelation (Berwick, ME: Ibis Press, 2003).

This is a reprint of a text that was originally published as The Dragon of Revelation (1st ed. London: Desmond Harmsworth, 1931). According to the “Publisher’s Note”, Carter was a personal acquaintance of the novelist D. H. Lawrence. Lawrence reputedly had an article about the Book of Revelation published in the London Mercury (July 1930), which derived from Carter’s ideas. Carter’s 96 page book discerns zodiacal symbolism throughout the Book of Revelation, and his interpretative grid relies on the Theosophical writer G. R. S. Mead and on Qabalistic Gematria. Carter’s work is an example of a Theosophical/hermetic approach to the Book of Revelation, which has great relevance to the current forms of “New Age” astrology.

Frances Rolleston, Mazzaroth: The Constellations Parts I –IV, Including Mizraim: Astronomy of Egypt (York Beach, Maine: Weiser Books, 2001).

Reprint of the 1865 book that first proposed the Gospel in the Stars hypothesis. Rolleston was keen on astronomy and wrote in popular UK magazines about the subject, and she was also keen on the Apocalypse, and wrote an obscure work about the Book of Revelation. Rolleston’s work is very dependent on obscure data concerning star-lore, origins of names of the zodiacal constellations, etc. Rolleston believed that Hebrew was the original language of Adam, and this is an Achilles Heel in her argument as she seeks to show from cognate languages how star names correlate to Hebrew meanings, and the Hebrew meanings are specifically defined in the GIS theory. The main difficulty with Rolleston’s thesis is that her argument is circular; she presupposes that the primordial purpose of the zodiac was to bear symbolic witness to the redeeming messiah of Israel, and then proves what she has already presupposed. Another acute problem is her assumption that the function of natural revelation can be located within the GIS theory; that is natural revelation does not simply attest to the Creator’s existence, but rather points explicitly to the content of Scripture. Her theory might be best “reframed” as a redemptive analogy to survive as an apologia of worth today.

A link with some interesting ideas:
Wow, Shawn, thank you for all of the references. It is a very wide and varied scholastic field out there!

And thank you, taijasi, for your musical analogy ;-)

I asked because, as I watch world events, I begin to wonder if the collectively held beliefs around Revelation might be impacting said events. To elaborate: there are roughly 2.1 billion Christians on earth today, and many believe that in some sense "the end is near." My question: is that many people holding such a thought form influencing the course of events?

For example, if there exists a decision-maker in a war, and he is faced with a choice: does he bomb a village, or does he wait for the diplomats to do their work? If he believes in Revelation and mega-catastrophe, he might be more willing to bomb, thinking, "well, this is just another act of destruction in a series of acts leading up to the apocalypse." His "pro" list for bombing will have the statement, "my bombing is part of the inevitable violence of the apocalypse."

So, you see, there is not only the impact of the thought forms pushing mental energy through the mental energy realm, but there is also the behaviors resulting from these thought forms (multiplied by 2.1 billion).

This is why an interpretation of the text which directs us to look *inward* seems so important to me. If Revelation is understood as a guidebook for those meditators facing the "dark night of the soul," then it will be used to help process those intense, strong, inner feelings and sensations. This ... instead of believing that mega-catastrophe is upon us, so damn it all, I can behave any way I darn please.

Then comes the daunting task of selling this inner interpretation, this call to meditation, to the world! (A task faced by the mystics and masters of all traditions down through the ages.)
Here's a link from Edgar Cayce that I just dug up in my search for answers to what's going on in the world right now. I believe this journey manifests within and is reflected as such in society, and that our internal response is key to how we navigate these times. Blessings! Danielle - well, I'm too new to post a link so go to "near-death.com/experiences/cayce10.html" and you will find the article!
Thank you, Danielle! This is *exactly* the kind of writings I was looking for. Sorry if this gets posted twice -- I'm getting odd errors....
I tend to steer clear of The Revelation .... Too darn confusing for my simple mind. That being said, if you find a text that shows what you are seeking, I'd LOVE to take a look see.

The thing with the book of revelation is, it is nothing but a ton of symbolism... So anyone can make it say whatever they want, it has no limits to a certain mindset.
The thing with the book of revelation is, it is nothing but a ton of symbolism... So anyone can make it say whatever they want, it has no limits to a certain mindset.
The other issue with the Book of revelation is that it can become a self fulfilling prophecy. All that is needed is a few who believe to start the ball rolling, and the rest complacently go along for the ride, until it is too late to get off.

(The third Reich comes immediately to mind) ;)
The Book of Revelation is one of hundreds of texts that have hidden meanings related to the inner path and the way to enlightnment - it's all in the symbols and level of meaning at which one is able to interpret it. This is true of many legends, traditions, chants, and religions. Personally I like the way it is described in Judiasm - PaRDeS (four levels of interpretation) - this also means garden or orchard.
Parshat - the simple meaning
Remez - meaning "hint"
D'rash (also called Midrash) - a deeper meaning
Sod - Hidden

It is the hidden meanings that we seek and as they become clearer, the more links you will see in many religions and traditions. It is so sad that we fight each other and each claims to have the right religion, but in reality we are all connected and as the old saying goes "we may each walk a different path, but we see the same moon when we get to the mountaintop". Same say the four meanings are like the layers of an onion, some say it is the lifting of the veils. I wish you well in your search and only recommend that you expand it beyound the Book of Revelation to others, then the Book of Revelation will make sense.

The Oral Tradition of the Lakota Indian are sacred literature, as are the ancient chants of the Hawaiians - but these must also be understood on four levels of consciousness. They correspond to our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual natures - like the four stages of life childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. I am now "old age" and would not go back for anything - the day things started to come together for me was the day on which I was reborn. The day I thought I knew it all, only to realize I knew very little and had a long walk ahead of me. Now that I take my time, I enjoy the garden.

You may want to start a thread on interpretation of the Book of Revelation and takes a few symbols to start. I would start with the "dragon" because it is the most powerful - it runs across almost all cultures and I believe that its inner hidden meaning is the same. It represents a form of energy that travels up the spinal column into the brain and opens the holy of holies. I wish you fun and love in your new adventure as you seek the meaning of which you seem to be flirting at the edges of. He Hawai'i Au, pohaikawahine
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