The Collective Messiah - Isaiah 53

No, I do not.

I care about whom I choose to care about. I am an asshole. But those I care about sir, I would lay my life down for...
I am a her not a sir. A she not a he. Well if you got to the heart of everyone they are all really good. Its the brain that causes problems sometimes.
I am not a JW.
Then why are you repeating obsessively (over and over and over and over, on threads that have nothing to do with your obsession) this "Jesus=Michael" nonsense? There is no connection whatsoever between those two, anywhere except in JW literature.
Anyway what if someone came all the way down from GOD literally like the ball of light in this pic? Who would you say it was if it was a female?
If you are talking about biological creatures, with genitalia of either sort, that are travelling through space and time like any other material object, then I say, SO WHAT?
Well JESUS really is the one who was in Israel approx 2000 years ago Michael the Archangel. There are saviours who were human who are immortals then there are heavenly being like Michael and he did incarnate into the human egg back in jerusalem.
First of all I am not arguing your point. Are we clear on that issue? Next, you are in the wrong forum. Christianity is where you belong. You cannot try to upset Jewish people like this. Because I will be the toughest bastard you will ever meet. And I'm not even a Jewish Moderator;). You must be polite, please. Without Judaism, there would be NO Christianity. That is a simple fact.

Don't hurt people, just don't hurt anyone. It's a bad, bad thing.


This is useful from Ben Masada's original post: "The Messiah is collective. What we need from time to time..."

It can be understood together with additional knowing about areas (realms, dimensions) that life exists in that are arranged by activity.
The collective Messiah be expected from Israel or Judaism ,
but its realm or reign of area ,will be where G _D 's law is best practised. Where the activity of salvation moves freely.
The time of Spring or Vernal equinox is a time of renewal in Nature and in Man. This is also the Messiah of Israel. Israel as a nation is Messiah- a light for nations , championed by moral and spiritual qualities.

Well, of how many messiahs are you talking about?
Forgive me folk, I did not realize I was speaking in the Judaic forum. I will pull all this into the Christian forum.

Once again, I apologize.


This is for the moderators to decide. We don't care, as long as you can quote your assertions.