"Personal relationship with God"

The past cannot be changed, for it no longer exists to change it.

Yet, to this day, evil is happening because of those events.

They are only justified by our memory.

Fundamentally, it is about fear and striving for survival - we now want to kill them before they kill more of us.

Survival is always of the separate me, and it can never touch life.

Life is existential, the me is just a thought.
Hate cannot defeat hate.

Only love can.

All the scriptures teach this, yet how easily it is forgotten.
The problem with human love is that you let go of yourself, and replace it for a new identification with the other.

True love does not pick up something new, so there is never something to defend.

With the removal of defensiveness, we come immediately to this.

Identification is the only barrier.
You mean 'let those who have not let go' do whatever they will, but I should 'let go'?

Just to be clear, I actually said it is ego and its identifications that have caused them to commit the attack. They are so convinced of the ideas read in the Quran and the interpretations of their leaders that they have been willing to do this.

It is not important to worry about them though, they are dead too.

More important is to let people understand the dangers of identifications as such, if we can all come out of our false divisions no such thing can possibly happen again. It is quite shocking that so many have actually increased their identifications instead though, life keeps trying to teach us something, and we refuse to learn.

The lesson is that we are not apart, we aren't hearing something, we aren't eating something, we aren't looking at anything... these things just go on happening. This whole story of "me" is just illusory, a false belief.