Which part of Jesus's life...

The sermon on the mount would be an awesome experience to be able to see first hand. But I believe my first choice would have to be the ti,e just before and including the crucifixion just to see first hand and remind myself of just what he went through for me.
I would like to witness the last supper and the crusifiction. I would also like to witness Jesus praying in the garden before being taken prisoner under the high priests. Each scene displayes the same mood of: what will happen next? I like to read the gospels over and over because I feel like I'm bonding with Jesus and God more and more. Think about how much more I'll bond with him if were actually there, or maybe even one of his disiples.

Though today I am a disicple of Christ our Lord and Savior and I can carry out God's word.

Paul J.

"I tell you, those who believe in me shall recieve the kingdom of Heaven."
This is one of my favorite quotes from Jesus.
I would want to be able to witness the resurrection of Jesus, because it was his victory over Satan and the reason we have salvation.

Or, I would want to visit him during his supposed visit to Glastonbury, England with Joseph of Arimathea. That legend has always intrigued me.
brian said:
Is it the miracles you want to see to strengthen faith? Are you looking for the God or the Man?
i think i would be looking for the man. while i do not pretend to understand Jesus as God, i believe that i understand Him as man even less.

as for events, i would have to say i would most want to be present for the temptation of Christ. from adam, temptation has brought about sin. adam and eve would never have thought twice about the tree of knowledge had the serpent not commented on the signifance of knowledge of good and evil. and ever since man has been thinking he knows which is which.

i deal with the feeling of "how good it would be to..." or "how nice it would be if...." on a daily basis. to see the look on Jesus face as he pondered "how nice it would be to turn that stone into bread" would be humbling and awe-inspiring, for he answered each time the way that i sometimes cannot.

it is written that sin separates us from God. and temptation is our draw to sin. this would put the temptation of Jesus as, in my opinion, one of his most human of moments.
Hi All, and Peace--

Just saw this thread--there are so many events I would have loved to witness: the conversations with the Pharisees (I'd like to see what he wrote in the dust that caused everyone to put their stones down and go home), Jesus and the children, the resurrection of Lazarus, in the boat when He walked out to them and the time when He calmed the storm--just so many things, including the healing miracles--to see the joy of those healed (I am waxing rather misty, I think!).

But most of all, I think that I would have to say that to see the resurrected Christ, perhaps on the shore of Galillee, beckoning me to have a little fish with Him for breakfast before He goes to the Father--that, I guess would have to be what I would pick. It would be the last time He would appear in the flesh, and it would be a time to witness Him in His glory.

I would also like to see Him at times in His life before His ministry. Imagine seeing Him as a child or even as a young man. I would like to talk to Him during these times. I would like to see how He spoke to people on a one on one level without a group of witnesses... maybe as a precursor of what I could expect in the afterlife.

If you havent read The Left Behind series in the last book Glorious Appearance Tim Lehaye did a great job imagining how Jesus would communicate with His followers...it made me cry just imagining millions of people praying to Him and He spoke to each of them directly and simultaneously.
Brian, Very good topic you posted here and I have thought about this one myself. I remember as a child during Christmas seeing the baby Jesus in a manger.

I also remember sitting in Church and seeing him nailed to the cross. Both of these images portray an image of Christ as being helpless, far from what his teachings would want us to imagine him to be.

My image of him is a 30 year old man in a perfect body because he was from the perfect source, God, without a flaw. My favorite image of him is riding on a white horse in Revelations as the ruler in Heaven to come take us home and to be with him in paradise. I am not sure if his hair was long as usually illustrated, because of Pauls letters mentioning that men should keep their hair groomed.

However, I would have to agree with most that the image would be one during his 3 1/2 year ministry as the "strong" founder of Christianity as opposed to a weak tiny baby in a manger or a helpless man suffering to death on the cross as he is the far from any representation of a helpless or weak Man. blessings, tommy
My first instinct was the Transfiguration. I wanted to see Jesus, Elijah and John. Oh I would have enjoyed seeing the others as well. My last name means "Elijah" hence why this was my first instinct.

But then I read other posts. I too have had a vivid dream -- the part I can share is my 'recognizing Christ as he arose from death'. Therefore, in recognition of that very vivid dream, I would want to be in the tomb and witness Christ as hew was resurrected from death. It gives me chills just to make this post.

Hi, Peace, meliasz (Michael) and welcome to CR :),

I said on a previous post that I thought it would be great to see Jesus after the resurrection and see Him being taken up into Heaven. But I must admit, I almost posted what you have--being in the tomb when it happened.

Yes, chills.....

But the blessing is, as He told Thomas, we have not seen it, and yet we believe. Maybe the best place to be is where we are.:).

John 20:29: Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

I would have loved to see his whole life (peace be upon him). As I think it would have brought home to us , how we are so far from the life styles of the Prophets of God. This little Islamic Tradition makes me wonder how many people (including myself) from both Christianity and Islam are living his example....

'The Messiah, son of Mary, peace be upon him, used to wear hair clothing, and eat wild fruits, and he had no son to die, and no house to demolish, and he stored up nothing for the morrow. He slept whereever the evening overtook him.'

Jesus, the Messiah, peace be upon him, used to take nothing with him but a comb and a jug. then he saw a man combing his hair with his fingers, so he threw away the comb; and he saw a man drinking from a river with the palms of his hands, so he threw away the jug.

Jesus, peace be upon him, said to his disciples, 'Take the places of worship as your houses, and the houses as alighting places; and eat wild vegetables, and drink pure water and escape from the world'....


'My seasoning is hunger, my undergarment is fear of God, my outer garment is wool,, my fire in winter is the rays of the sun, my lamp is the moon, my riding beast is my feet, and my food and fruit are what the earth brings forth (ie without cultivation). At night I have nothing and in the morning I have nothing, yet there is no one on earth richer than I.'

How far we have strayed from his example ....
I definitely would have like to see Him in action when He cleared the temple of the money-changers and dove-sellers.
In that moment, I imagine He was both fearsome and powerful--yet I have no doubt His persona was still completely loving in it's energy.

I wonder sometimes if they were even sparks flying from His eyes---I bet those moneychangers were scared silly.
i think i would like to see the power of his words cause that crowd, who were going to stone that woman, to disperse. as well as what he wrote in the ground that day when they confronted him. i believe it be an important event showing the difference between the law of moses and christ's law of love to all people.
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Just bumping a topic linked to from the main site. :)

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I would want to see Jesus as a child. I feel that the divine shines through more with children, and the best conversations ever are with children. I would like to see Jesus before the burden of his duty was on his shoulders.

A second choice would be during the time of the apostles, I would dearly like to see his relationship with Judas, see if he knew that Judas would be the one to betray him, and if so, why Judas in particular, and how Jesus acted toward him as a result. I would also like to know if Judas was clued in to the fact, as peter was. Interesting stuff!

See ya!
The part would be to hear His voice, and see His face, for much is lost without the tone and expressions in the black and white words.