Something I read earlier today that I don't know where to put

I married a girl who was described as being as beautiful as Hedy Lamarr (Delilah) by my grandmother 10 years before my marriage. She was not Hedy Lamarr look-alike, but OK in her own right. We have completed 57 years of marriage and hoping, InshaAllah, for a diamond jubilee. :D
I hope that she is as intelligent as Hedy Lamarr.

Beauty fades while intelligence (mostly) doesn't.

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This was posted on my LiveJournal feed w/o a recipe:

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George Santos has been expelled from the US House of Representatives! 311 members voted for expulsion! Now, the New York govorner has to choose the person who will replace Santos!

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At least it's festive...

What were they thinking?

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This is an interesting conversation IMO:

It's a discussion about American "politics" and American "religion" albeit about more than that.

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I wasn't sure if this would be appropriate in Jokes:

What's ironic is that the late Foster Brooks didn't drink alcohol (he disliked the taste and the smell of it (from what I understand.)

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This is a health alert, but I really don't know if it fits: "Zombie" deer disease could spread to humans

In case it gets taken down, a disease related to "mad cow" disease is showing up in several states and four Canadian provinces that hasn't yet cropped up in humans, but it could potentially do so in the near future. What's worse is that once it's in a biome, it's a female canine to get rid of, if not impossibe.

Just a "heads up" here (I'll be keeping an eye out for more info in case it's real or a hoax, too.)

CDC report on "zombie-deer disease" It's not a hoax!

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Something that my RL friend, Tyler, would call "neato-mosquito": See-through wood is stronger than plastic and tougher than glass

In case it's taken down, the article is about "invisible" wood that can be used instead of either glass or plastic in many applications.

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A type of cellulose, I think?

"Wood is typically composed of about 25% lignin, and 70% cellulosic carbohydrates, with roughly 45% cellulose and 25% hemicelluloses"
Lignin and Biomass
This was shared on my LiveJournal feed by a gentleman I "know" from the London, England, area:

Is anyone interested in mocha?

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