Something I read earlier today that I don't know where to put

Another truism/coffeeism?

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The third story might make y'all cringe:

The third stoy involves a traumatic partial amputation by a ship's anchor (no, there aren't any actual visual components other than a photo of a similar anchor.)

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These weren't mass shootings, but stil...

I "visited" a pair of ginger :kitty:s after hearing about these shootings (I would suggest y'all do the same/with similar nonhuman species of one's preferrence, if possible.)

ETA: They got the North Carolina shooter!

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I wonder how anyone else would feel if they found something like this: Ancient stone dagger found on Norwegian playground by 8-year-old

In case the article is taken down, an 8-year-old girl in Norway picked up an interesting rock from her school's playground. When she showed it to her teachers, they contacted the local university's Archeology department, and the university confirmed that it was a 3,700-year-old dagger. The university sent a team to the school to see if there was anything else, but turned up empty-handed.

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An interview with a rather interesting gentleman:

He's promoting a book he wrote; LGBT+ stuff and politics are glossed over, including his (rather) famous husband.

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I saw this video courtesy of my RL friend, Tyler. I didn't post it in Mystery due to no recipes being presented, not even a link:

Prepare to be hungry!

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Another truism?

In case it's taken down, the four men are Jim Henson (top left), Fred Rogers (top right), Steve Irwin (bottom left) and Bob Ross (bottom right).

They are all shown with what they were most famous for (Kermit the Frog, Daniel Striped Tiger, a koala and a landscape painting respectively.)

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Another charge awaiting 45 and his cronies (along with both an explanation and examples of precedent):

The person hosting this particular video is a practicing attorney (are/were his cohosts.)

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