the earlier Jews and Christians recognize prophet Muhammad and expect his coming

Discussion in 'Comparative Studies' started by Friend, Jan 21, 2005.

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    This post have the most important and informative ideas according to me,,,no one discussed it:)
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    perhaps that's because you're not interested in discussion. you appear to be interested in why you're right and everyone else should just agree with you. isaiah is not talking about muhammad. all references to the "servant" refer to "my servant jacob", in other words, the jewish people. seeing as it's a jewish prophecy, i wouldn't have thought shoehorning jesus, let alone muhammad into it would make any sense. the future stuff is more likely to refer to the masih, but to my knowledge muhammad never claimed this title, leaving it for isa/jesus, but in any case we don't accept this, because jesus's parameters do not fit our requirements. are all jews living in israel? i don't think so. is there world peace and universal morality? i don't think so. look at the text in total, rather than just the bits that suit you and you'll see that it's describing a scenario which has yet to occur.


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    sorry your post is too large for me to be arsed to read, but reading the topic title.... No early christans never have (and christans never will) recognise your prophet... :)
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    Namaste HaSsy,

    thank you for the post.

    Dr. Naik does not claim to have memorized all the Buddhist Suttas and this information was published by him.

    please read the first part of my rebuttal to this Muslim disinformation regarding my religion here:

    suffice it to say that the information which you've been taught about my religion is not correct.


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    Christainity had a 600 year head start,it takes time for a faith to spread and increase in population.
    Islam has done well to be 2nd and is the fastest growing religion according to some sources.
    It has overtaken all the other religions and oneday will overtake christianity too.
    There are more muslims today than catholics(the largest christian denomination by far).

    Muhammad(pbuh) did a great job as all prophets did.
    No prophet could force people to believe,their job was only to preach their message.
    Noah(pbuh) preached for 950 years and only a handful believed.
    Jesus(pbuh) was rejected by the majority of his own people.
    That doesn't mean any of them failed,but that people failed to believe in them.

    Islam has increased dramatically over 1400 years and it is increasing at an alarming rate.
    But no-one can be forced to accept it and just cos there are more christians does not mean it is false.
    There was a time when the christians were few in number,did that mean Jesus(pbuh) did a bad job or other pagan religions were true?

    It is true that christainity has had the largest population for a long time but it has not dominated,only about 30% of the world is christian today.
    For christianity to dominate it would have to have much more than 50% of the world's population.
    70& would be a good domination.

    Anyway this is my only post,I just wanted to answer your assertions,
    many thanks.

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