What/Who Is God?

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    This is the Christian perspective, which is where I am from, though I have now grown to such an extent that I embrace all, even the atheistic position. Yes, since he walked through hell, but never became a part of it, he now owns it and is able to transform it into heaven. It was not possible that he could be held by it, and it had overextended it's claims.

    This has already been accomplished in timelessness (eternity) but here in time it is left to play out in myriad ways. One can imagine these "forms" of the spirit of Jesus having to deal with all manner of devil spawn in order to bring it (heaven) to all.

    At that point all issues that have to do with above and below will have been resolved and there will be no more duals. All will truly be one, locked up safely in the embrace of eternal bliss. Who would not desire to be an eternal prisoner of love? Our small experiences of bliss here will be surpassed beyond what we could ever ask or think. The possibility of falling will be washed away forever by the pure ecstasy of divine love, which is now given without measure.

    Nevertheless, here in our present distress, there are many struggles yet to come. :(
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    Well stated.

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