Religion of love?

'Amir Alzzalam

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You say: the Bible tells Christians to hate non-Christians. On the passages cited:
- they are all from the Tanach
- you have distorted many passages to make your point
- you did not cite the Word come through teh righteous prophets, but history tellings and martial law (which in fact are restictions in a situation in war, saying what is forbidden or allowed, not what is recommended or commanded to be done)
- No passage commands to hate non-Christians, or even non-Jews (as the religion had not divided into two at the time)

Jesus (p.b.u.h) said even (as a Law of the Kingdom of God):

Luke 6

Matthew 5

(Berean Standard Bible)

There has never been a commandment from Him to to hate the enemy. There is no commandment to be found in the Tanach or in the Quran that Jews or Muslims should hate their enemy, either, although the commandment to love the enemies is only to be found in the Word come through Jesus (p.b.u.h), for those who work on the Kingdom of God at present and prepare for Jannah. These are high commandments that cannot be fulfilled without the Help of God, and even true believers may fail. Nevertheless, this is the Word of God; it is not only directed to Christians (who at least read it) but also to Jews, Muslims and all other humans.
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The only position we humans are aware of owning no human condition as unconditional love.

Mother father left it.
Animals before them had left it.
Garden nature body had left it.

Why small cells of the grounded spirit body pushed into the ground by upper pressures. Still float in the atmosphere.

We know we are mutually loving bodies.

We know we live only by living conditions many of which do not love us.

Why we knew we left unconditional to own conditions.

So we taught we left the eternal creator and came into cooled eternal hell. Conditional to its strata it evolved as a God body.

Yet not as a baby. Our first parents had. As humans are all living within eternal hell's conditions just as told. Why many conditions don't love us.

When we die our body returns back to mineral skeletal dusts.

And the one highest presence that never left unconditional love is then freed to not be restrained by conditions it caused.


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Well, I am not a votary of unconditional love. I do not believe in God or soul too, strong atheist.