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I find it quite obvious..
I'm not sure it's obvious at all, that is, the point you make that crimes of passion are more likely when adultery is not illegal.
I think crimes of passion are just that, crimes of passion.
I have never heard of a study that is able to identify that adultery being unpunished, leads to more gun violence.
That doesn't mean there isn't one.
Or there could have been one that found there was no correlation between the punishability of adultery and later violence.
I'd speculate this: If adultery were punishable, there might be MORE violence:
Kill anybody who could be a witness? Kill the spouse who could sue you?
When divorce was illegal or harder to get, there are at least anecdotal stories about people who felt they had to kill their spouse to end a marriage.
PUNISHING one act led to a worse one.
Allowing divorce didn't lead to more murders.
Now I know your position on divorce is pretty rational, I'm drawing an analogy here.

Also, I think there are just too many people in jail, leading to furloughs and such for violent criminals.
No jail time for adultery, I think that's just foolish, sorry, but I think it is.
I just watched a you tube video of a 12 year old sister stabbing her 9 year old brother 3 times. He has since passed away. This just happened. It's not a gun problem it's a heart problem. When I was young the young men had guns mounted in their trucks and brought them to school. There was never shootings. When I was 12 and my little brother was 9 we brawled but never ever would have considered stabbing him with a knife!
Oh there were shootings...there was no internet bombardment, nor any YouTube.

Plenty of adultery...
Yeah... too true...the 24 hr news cycle was a new creature of the 90s and we got bombarded. The 24 hour news cycle itself was a victim of its own invention in the sense that competitors had to fill it. So we got informed of so many things that may not have made the network news years earlier. So a lot went on over the years and decades, it just wasn't as well known.

And then of course, the internet, and so many citizen journalists or just plain gossips who put it all out there worldwide. That's the part that is new in human history. The average person can make their opinion or personal gathering of data or evidence worldwide in a heartbeat. That part is new. Nothing new about the types of things people expose.

As to attempted murder, assaults/rapes/beatings, adultery, kidnapping, theft, extortion, conniving in government and business, you name it, it was going on somewhere.
Sources of information:
Old biographies and unpublished journals I read as a kid
Some old time news sources like old magazines and newspapers I read as a kid
Grandparents and great grandparents who were extremely frank and blunt about the *@&%! that went on in their day, within their neighborhoods, families, and amongst their acquaintances.