Why don't Christians worship as Jews do?

I agree but as you know perhaps one out of a hundred is aware of the roots of Christianity. To make matters worse, a lot of the crticism of modern day Christianity or Christendom is associated with the results of secular Judaism. All the confusion resulting from all this has caused a lot of misfortune for all parties concerned.

Einstein remarked about the results of secular Judaism and the same can be said for much of Christendom. It just makes it hard for the good human beings and those searching for the inner experience of deeper meaning to continue being comfortable with their respective teachings.

Anyhow Einstein said in a letter sold recently at auction:

Einstein's letter on religion sells for £170,000 | Science | guardian.co.uk

It really is a shame because both Judaism and Christianity are very deep but they've become secularized to the point that people argue over the most superficial interpretations.
Actually it is the secularists and gnostics who do most of the superficial aruguing...

Those deep in their respective faiths have no such arguments.

As one Rabbi addressing a Christian counsel quipped "We both know the Messiah is coming, as to how many times he's been here before, well, we will have to ask him"...
Hi Joe, Nick and Quohom,

Just to add to Quohom1 information:

Melchizedek can be broken down in Hebrew:

Malik - king
Tzedek - righteousness

It's the King of righteousness, a concept also prevalent in Vedic religion known as the Dharma Raja.

Strangely enough Melchizedek was the King of Salem or Jerusalem in a time when historically the Mitanni/Hittites were the actual kings -- and these kings were quite religious and we have the first written documents mentioning Vedic names of God.

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