Please Lift Us Up

Namaste InLove,

you have my deepest concern for your wellbeing.

it is true that all beings cease to arise, the only question is when. i trust that you have taken advantage of this time to do what need be done.

if there is anything which i could do, on a personal level, please PM me.



p.s. DOH!!@!!

i am more than pleased that your physical being is doing well!
Hi and Peace to Everyone.:)
I am resurrecting this thread through J.H. by proxy from my hospital room, using good old fashioned pen and paper. (At least, I think I am resurrecting it; I really have no way of knowing since I have no internet access here.:mad:

Funny how things happen, isn't it? I came to see the doc about four weeks ago and haven't gone home since! Not to worry though. The cancer has not returned. I am, however, experiencing complications from surgery, and they tell me I may be here for several more weeks. How d'ya like them apples? And just when I was planning my survivor wing-ding:mad: .

Well, I miss C.R. I thought of y'all during the summer solstice and tried to write a post then but I never finished it. So, happy belated solstice wishes to everyone and a safe and excellent Independence Day celebration for those of you in the U.S. I have a pretty good view of the city from my window here - maybe I can catch a nice fireworks display.:)

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try and check in again soon.

Oh, InLove! You have been so missed around here! I am so sorry to hear of your turn of events, but I wish you well. With some people, you just know things will work out for the best. You are one of those kind of people. Do get well soon, and join us again. It isn't the same around here without you!
*Shadow Nightstalker returns to work on InLove and Jack Halyard, using everything he learned in Therapy Animal training to take their minds off of everything InLove's going through. The :kitty: stays, pretty much moving into his territory/assignment, only leaving to be discreet with the one thing he won't share with his assignments*

Your "sleek black beauty" is back and rarin' to go!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Hi Inlove, Oh, this is sad news. I just got back from a trip so I hope that means that by now you are further along the road to recovery. Thank you for keeping us posted via good old fashioned paper courier. :) My prayers are with you dear.

So sorry to hear about the complications, InLove, but overjoyed to hear that your cancer is in remission! Somehow I missed that post before, and I wondered how you were doing.

I pray you get well soon so you can begin your survivor wing-ding! :)

I look forward to your posts once you are home.
Namaste InLove,

thank you for your heartfelt post. i understand the difficultly in revealing that sort of personal information to, essentially, strangers.

If you haven't had a chance to read Stephen J. Goulds essay on his cancer diagnosis, i would heartily recommend it. a positive state of mind is very beneficial in this struggle.

here's a snip:

My life has recently intersected, in a most personal way, two of Mark Twain's famous quips. One I shall defer to the end of this essay. The other (sometimes attributed to Disraeli), identifies three species of mendacity, each worse than the one before - lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Consider the standard example of stretching the truth with numbers - a case quite relevant to my story. Statistics recognizes different measures of an "average," or central tendency. The mean is our usual concept of an overall average - add up the items and divide them by the number of sharers (100 candy bars collected for five kids next Halloween will yield 20 for each in a just world). The median, a different measure of central tendency, is the half-way point. If I line up five kids by height, the median child is shorter than two and taller than the other two (who might have trouble getting their mean share of the candy). A politician in power might say with pride, "The mean income of our citizens is $15,000 per year." The leader of the opposition might retort, "But half our citizens make less than $10,000 per year." Both are right, but neither cites a statistic with impassive objectivity. The first invokes a mean, the second a median. (Means are higher than medians in such cases because one millionaire may outweigh hundreds of poor people in setting a mean; but he can balance only one mendicant in calculating a median).

you and yours are in my thoughts.


For InLove and Jack Halyard:

G-d go with you both and may you continue to recline comfortably within G-d's strong and gentle hands.

Since I moved to the western US I have been through some of this with my parents, whose advanced age and well being were /are of concern to me. We lost Dad last spring, but as planned by G-d, life does go on. Even though I've not met either of you yet on CR, I'm looking forward to the time when that may happen.

Hi and Peace to All!

Oh, thank you, thank you, and thank you all for your lovely messages! I have been home now for a couple of days, and just now felt like sitting here for a minute. Of course, my beloved CR was a big prority. Thanks for saving my place! I have memberships on other websites, and after 30 days of no posting, members and their posts are simply erased like they were never there at all. What a crock! :mad: Anyway, I wish I had a laptop so I could get online from my recliner where I live now most of the time. Ha! It is actually J.H.'s chair, but I have commandeered it for now. :) Well, okay--he gave it to me. (Things could be worse, eh?)

I always worry a little when I post on this thread. Ya know--me, me, ME? But I hope everyone knows I am just trying to stay in touch until I can come back as a regular contributor. On top of that, I have had concerns that the name of the thread was not appropriate because I posted it in the lounge. So I am glad that it was okay with my buds of all different faiths and thoughts.

Reading back over the responses, all I can say is that I love your compassion--and I just love your minds! Everyone has such different ways of expressing themselves, and I treasure it all. Good to meet those with whom I have not spoken before (Hi flowperson--I feel like I already know you because I have read so many of your posts), and wonderful to hear from my old friends.

Well, alas, I am beginning to tire out, so I'd better quit writing for now. I am trying to stay home and not have to go back to the lovely:rolleyes: hospital, but that might happen. I am just happy to get a chance to see my little "mamminals" who couldn't come visit me there.

Gotta go--


Thank you so much for your communication. If you're considering a laptop I would suggest the least expensive Mac I-Book. I bought one each for myself and my daughter a year and a half ago and we both couldn't do without them now.

My Mom is 89 and going strong these days. She developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma about 8 years ago and knocked it into remisssion in six months. She had a relapse three years ago and whipped it again after four months of treatment. Quite a woman! She has gained a lot of spiritual insight in reading Deepak Chopra's, Timeless Mind Ageless Body( I might have gotten that backwards). Keep your head up and have faith. It will get better.


Your wonderful positive attitude is everything for the healing.

You are the healer in the love of life flowing through the body.

Your healing is each new day opening before you ............

love and light

- c -