What color is your...

I think eveyone has his/her own color when praying. Light blue?
Hey this thread is only about seven years old... but I never posted on it. In reviewing the thread there were several posters that I recalled... that I haven't seen much of lately...anyway so what color is the Baha'i Faith?

The color green seems to be mentioned a lot because of the imprisonment in barren mountains and traveling across deserts so the Green of Gardens and well watered trees were valued..

"One day of days We repaired unto Our Green Island. Upon Our arrival, We beheld its streams flowing, and its trees luxuriant, and the sunlight playing in their midst. Turning Our face to the right, We beheld what the pen is powerless to describe; nor can it set forth that which the eye of the Lord of Mankind witnessed in that most sanctified, that most sublime, that blest, and most exalted Spot. Turning, then, to the left We gazed on one of the Beauties of the Most Sublime Paradise, standing on a pillar of light..."

~ Baha'u'llah, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 136
.. and Hinduism orange ..
Not exactly. Hinduism is dull red ochre (Buddhist monks wear clother of a darker/brighter hue). We term the color as 'Bhagwa'.


Buddhism is the Vajra or diamond religion. It has no color --
Even diamonds have colors - Mahayana, Vajrayana, Theravada, Pure Land. There were many others in history. :)
I think the gold (Truthseeker) and teal (Juan) are going to look great next to each other. Sort of like the sun and the ocean, both great spiritual metaphors. (In fact, that gives me an idea...) Thank you both!
For the Baha'i Faith the concept of color is interesting one. The color of Bab ( made the first delaration of the new age in 1844) was green, but the Baha'i Faith in the Revelation of Baha'u'llah the color appears to be white where the diverse colors of all the religions merge into one white light described as follows.

"O CHILDREN OF VAINGLORY! For a fleeting sovereignty ye have abandoned My imperishable dominion, and have adorned yourselves with the gay livery of the world and made of it your boast. By My beauty! All will I gather beneath the one-colored covering of the dust and efface all these diverse colors save them that choose My own, and that is purging from every color." - Baha'u'llah

Octarine, the Color of Magic.

(A reference to Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels)
"... All will I gather beneath the one-colored covering of the dust and efface all these diverse colors ... "
Is that not the grave?

"... save them that choose My own, and that is purging from every color." - Baha'u'llah
I that not black, or rather darkness, the absence of all colour?

I don't mean black in the common negative sense, but rather the 'divine darkness', such as that spoken of by Dionysius the Areopagite (6th century):
Supernal Triad, Deity above all essence, knowledge and goodness; Guide of Christians to Divine Wisdom; direct our path to the ultimate summit of your mystical knowledge, most incomprehensible, most luminous and most exalted, where the pure, absolute and immutable mysteries of theology are veiled in the dazzling obscurity of the secret Silence, outshining all brilliance with the intensity of their Darkness, and surcharging our blinded intellects with the utterly impalpable and invisible fairness of glories surpassing all beauty.
Christianity and Islam are both red-orange, to symbolize the threat of eternal fire-torture to
anyone who does not believe in them. Islam is an especially bright shade of red-orange,
becuz the Koran explicitly threatens the non-muslims with eternal fire-torture literally
dozens of times.

Alternatively, Islam can be red, to symbolize the blood of foreskin amputation,
and the blood from the Hadith's prescribed killing of innocent apostates and adulterers,
and the blood from the early muslim armies spreading islam by slaughtering the non-muslim
defenders all the way to northern iberia in the west and india in the east.

Judaism can be red-orange, to symbolize the fire that is prescribed in Leviticus of the Torah to be
used to burn-alive the innocent men and women who are in an unorthodox marriage relationship.
Otherwise, Judaism is red, to symbolize the blood of foreskin amputation, and the blood from the
Torah's prescribed stoning-to-death, or unspecified type of execution, of people who do any of
about sixteen other innocent acts.

Scientology is gold, becuz their logo is gold and opulent-looking,
and becuz the high-ranking scientologists steal all of the gold (i.e. money) from all of the
rank-and-file members.
(See www .businessinsider. com/scientology-costs-leah-remini-recap-episode-3-2016-12
and www .xenu. net/archive/prices.html .)

As for my own religion, it is dark blue, becuz that is the color of the deity that is central to
the religion, and becuz that color is associated therein with beauty and fundamental truth.
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The colour of memories, then.
Most Qurans today are bound in green and green is often central among colors within Sufism. Many believe this is partly due to the mystical companion of Moses/Musa (as) from Surah 18:60-82 known as Khidr (meaning “green”).

Green was also the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) And was often worn by him.

According to Hadith - found in both Sunni & Shi’a collections - the Fire of Hell is Black.
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