Everything I want... well, I think the world would be wholly different. I want God's will to be done. I want the Kingdom of God on earth. I want peace and love. I want an end to human-induced suffering and poverty.

I hope I can handle it, since I believe this is eventually what will happen. I may have to die to get to it, but ultimately that's just a transition.

As for more temporary desires...
I think I either already have or could have everything I want in this lifetime, with the one exception that haven't enough time to travel to as many places as I'd like, meet as many people, or learn as many things. You know... mortality does have its limitations.;)

In terms of material possessions, I have tons more than I ever had as a child and I don't really want any more. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather give away about half my junk and that might make me feel better, like my living space was more peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. My house is pretty small and I don't have that much stuff compared to some, but it still feels like a lot to me.

About the only material thing (if you call them that- I don't really consider animals possessions but rather non-human people) I ever desperately desired was a horse, a dog, and a cat. I have all three, and then some.

Other than that, I just want the basics: decently good health, loving relationships, a roof over my head, time in the mountains and woods, and food. I have all that.

I'm blessed. :)

I do want children, but I'm completely fine with adoption and want to do that whether I have my own or not, so no matter what, if I am diligent about saving up for it, I'll have that as well.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, outside of owning a cabin in the woods rather than renting it, life would not change much. I'd still work, though I'd do it for free. The rest would get passed on to others and charities. I just really have what I want already.

Now, is there anything I want and couldn't handle? Yes, sometimes.

Ever since I was a little girl I've had times that I've wanted to give my entire life to spirituality- to be a nun or somesuch. There is often a push-pull between my desires for a relatively ordinary life (husband, kids, pets, education, science, etc.) and my desires to give over my entire life to a monastic type one, devoted entirely to service and worship.

Ultimately, at least in the here and now, I can't handle that. And I am not an "I," but rather a "we" since I'm married. I think God has His reasons for that, and perhaps the lessons I most need to learn and the areas I most need to grow spiritually are best addressed in the challenges I face as a person in a marriage, a regular job, and a regular life. I know at least with my marriage that I've learned a ton spiritually that I would not have learned if I did not have that kind of relationship. Lessons in humility and forgiveness come to mind...;)
Just a question for any who want to answer it.

From my understanding, some faiths believe in blessings from GOD.
Knowing that you can receive blessings from GOD, it makes me wonder how most people would handle such an occurence.


If GOD blessed you with everything you ever wanted, (all your heart and soul desires all at once), could you handle it?

Personally I feel that I could not handle it.
I feel that you have to be spiritually and mentally mature enough to handle certain "good" things that happen to you. (IMHO)

I don't believe anyone has been blessed with -everything- they want.... You may look at it and say errr, Bill Gates, richest person there is.... He might of been blessed with all the money he wanted.... Not really, he WORKED for his money... If the fact was he was blessed with all his riches... Why does god have favour over him and not say, you? I would say if there was a god he would treat all his faithful follwers equal.

Could I handle it? But of course, I feed on that.... I am a very material driven person... I am wealthy and want to be even more wealthy and I just don't "stop" Enough is never enough. But all I have is through certain situations and my own hard work, I have earned all I have... It isn't a blessing... It isn't a gift, it's something that is deserved and owed. Anything that is "good" that happens to me.. I wouldn't stop to give thanks for a blessing.. It's because I made it happen...

And as I said I am more material/earthy, I have no spiritual wants or needs... So I couldn't comment on anything like that, cause I don't want anything spiritually.