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you see, that is why i dont like talking with you, man, people don't take me seriously when i start talking about scripture! lol.:D watch it man, i know kung fu. HAYT! oh, wait, that's karate.
I am not taking you seriously ;) That is why I offer Bokkens and not real blades....

i read somewhere you studied martial arts, which art or arts and do you still study?
You did, did you? :) Name it I study it.. Weapons/warfare have been most of my life and most of my career... It is hard once you have a certain drive to not wish to learn and understand more and more...

But to go slightly in detail.. Ninjitsu has some great moves and skill sets as does kick boxing and it is just amazing to research and watch how each type of art is performed... Nice.

How did we get from going to pay respects to jesus to women and fleshly desire to weapons and arts lol
i did some studying, too. mainly jeet kune do and aikido. i am a huge martial arts movies fan. right now i have to go with tony jaa in the protector.
All good things to keep in mind. I apologize if you were offended by the scriptures. Peace.

no, no please i am not offended, i love to talk about God, He is my passion. just don't think of me as one who doesn't take God serious because i do. He comes first even before my own flesh and blood. see you around, gal.;)
There are some pictures and videos of disgrace out there in case you are missing out.

Well I see trouble in some family values expressed. The hierarchy of the military and the hierarchy of some families are very similar... kind of like the Mob. Even a ruler like Saddam Hussein relied on some strong notions of family values.

Maybe somewhat from a personal story: My wife and I once had a couple over for dinner who I would say were Christian fundamentalists. The guy had an issue because I did not sit at the head of the table and he was telling me how a Man really had to take control of a family... during this Manly conversation my wife was finishing dinner. I think it was before dinner that it was determined the music was not Christian enough, and after dinner his wife feels sick in part because a painting reminded her of Lesbianism. Then the guy pulls out a gun. He pulls out a gun from his belt sack and waves it around while carrying on with his lecture of how a man has got to take control and protect a family... it seemed like some kind of a justification for the recent purchase of his toy and an opportunity to show it off. What was interesting was that his wife allegedly had a dominative military father and she had very negative viewpoints from that relationship. Anyhow, we had little interest in conversation with them after that. Bringing a gun into our home without telling us was offensive... seemed like a bit of David Koresh in the guy.

Anyhow some things you said remind me of that guy... he probably quoted the same verse you did to justify his belief that essentially male hormones or genitals somehow rule over women. I see it as much a farce as whites ruling over blacks, the smart over the dumb, the managers over the workers, the government over the people, the parents over the children.... or in each case vice-versa. The issue is simply whether one person rules over the other. I do not even rule over my children. For all I know, my children are older than I am.

You have some strange guests...
geez, cyber, that is one messed up story. how you would keep calm is beyond me, because i would never let some idiot be in my home with a gun and my children there as well. anyways, my condolences go out to you and i understand your point of view, and i would never force my wife to do anything against her will, let alone with a gun. if that dude's wife gets off on guns well that is their issue, but me? i hate guns. anyone who depends on one is a coward and isn't man enough to fight hand to hand, man to man. i don't care how "safe" they have made the world through man's meaningless blood wars. you are cool in my book, man!
I view a gun like a power tool... both can do serious damage. My emphasis though is on the control aspect of a ruler in both the relationship and conversation. If the guy concealed a power drill or a hidden video cam and gave the same speech it might have been different, but concealment is a method of control. We were not in any danger.

In fact we did meet them once more at their place for a fellowship where he preached to a gathering of friends or followers. I wanted to learn just a little more about those people... and then I had seen enough.

The reason we invited them in the first place, and this kind of combines with your other verse about "wars", was that a month prior we had a conversation on whether there are increasing numbers of earthquakes in the world. We had opened up a bible, he found the gospel verse that he wanted to show me, and sure enough we had a small focused earthquake right there in Seattle, exactly when we read it. That event had an effect of heightening that couple's religious fervor even more... I think it had a peculiar effect when we invited them over. The event was one that certainly opened my eyes a little wider. Prior to that I believed in God, but for me that was the first time I started to consider that he was actually interacting with it. That was about 10 years ago.
I'd have asked to see his gun... Then pistol whipped him in the face a few times and kicked him out on his arse.... You must have some patience and a way of holding your tounge... I have no tolerance for people telling me my business under my own roof ;/ I guess you don't see them any more?
No. Maybe you can relate then to how some people in Iraq feel.

You have some strange guests...
Yes, I do live in America. However, I think Europe has even stranger guests, and the Middle East stranger yet... strangers like us Americans?!
No. Maybe you can relate then to how some people in Iraq feel.


Yes, I do live in America. However, I think Europe has even stranger guests, and the Middle East stranger yet... strangers like us Americans?!

? I didn't ask if you lived in America... But, in an American VS Europe, gun weilding freak contest... Your country has clearly won that...