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Welcome to the Dear Diary thread my fellow Share here your "Dear Diary" entries. Please try to keep things vain and trivial or at least mundane. It's okay if once in a while some reasonably wise and useful information comes out of it, but let's try to avoid that sort of nonsense. This is a place for nonsense of another kind. Every post should begin with Dear Diary. I'll go first:

Dear Diary,

Hum... Yesterday for dinner I made pasta. It was really good and yummy. I didn't have any onions but that's okay because I put some garlic in it. I was watching a cooking show at the same time and that lady who makes meals in an hour said something about putting cinammon in pasta sauce. It sounded awesome! I really like the iron chef. Some of the food looks gross but it's really creative. I wish post-punk kitchen was on the food network. That show is teh coolest. On tv there was this show that was a contest for people who impersonate other people. When I was in high school somebody once said I look like Mr. Bean but I couldn't do an impression of him. Why is my container of floss next to my chair in the den?

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Dear Diary,

Rachel Ray.....She's yummy herself. How good is that?! I love making spaghetti (in fact, this is tonight's plan). I don't mind sharing how i cook it.

You need:

1 pound ground beef
1 jar of Prego roasted garlic spaghetti sauce (no time to cook my own, sorry)
1 box regular spaghetti noodles
1/2 red onion
canola oil
4 shakes of garlic salt (I have no idea of measurement, just enough to cover sauce in pan)
4 shakes of black pepper (Ditto)
MSG (optional, but just a bit for taste)
brown sugar *secret ingredient*

Put about 1/4 cup oil in approx 3/4 full pot of water. Heat to boil. Add noodles and let cook (about 10 minutes), stirring occasionally. (The oil keeps noodles from sticking to each other)

While waiting for noodles to cook, sautee chopped onions in a tablespoon of oil. Add ground beef, cook well, and drain out excess water/oil. Reduce heat to low and add Prego sauce and mix in well with the beef and onions. Sprinkle in black pepper, garlic salt, and MSG and mix in. Add 3-4 tablespoons of brown sugar. Mix well.

Noodles should be cooked to just after there is no white dot in cross-section of noodle. You don't wanna overcook. I usually monitor by fishing for a string and biting into it to see if it's done.

Slap noodles and sauce on a plate and enjoy. Add parmesian cheese, or better yet, microwave a slice of mozzerella cheese over it for about 45 seconds or until melted. Mmmmmmmm......

Sorry, dauer. Don't know if it's kosher or not.

Dear Diary,

I've lost some more weight, but in my butt again...can't get rid of the gut and now my pants are falling down, no ass to hold them up. Driving me batty.

Saw a friend of mine on the tube last night, some new reality show, he was impersonating George Bush....he got through to the next round. Yet another friend making the reality show circuit. So far I know 4 winners and bunches of losers....but you knew that. haha a reality show metaphor...but it really isn't true...losers that is.

We think mom's gotta boyfriend, she denies it, 73 and she's drivin to NY, 8 hour drive...she aint goin just for the reunions....of course everytime she goes there are less people...and they sit around commenting on that...wonder if he's goin with her...boy the rumors that must be goin on up there...

Can you believe that Dondi diary? Dauer's gonna say "Duh, meat...cheese... duh yeah that is kosher...NOT" So funny I know Jewish vegetarians that won't put soy cheese on their veggie burger, as the 'thought' isn't kosher!

Do you remember Borat and the NOT jokes?

I'll write more tomorrow......NOT
Dear Diary,

Look how you've grown!! It seems like only yesterday--no no, only two hours ago--you were just a twinkle in another thread. O Diary, you are beautiful!

I have a wedgy, Diary. I need to go take care of that.

More later.

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Dear Diary,

Look how you've grown!! It seems like only yesterday--no no, only two hours ago--you were just a twinkle in another thread. O Diary, you are beautiful!

I have a wedgy, Diary. I need to go take care of that.

More later.

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Dear Pathless,

All you need is a knife.

Your Diary
Dear Diary,

Well we had some storm today. House shaking peals of angry thunder so loud it was like being in the middle of a battlefield. The lightning strikes so close that you could smell the ozone. Across the road a young mother rushed to retrieve baby clothes from the washing line but the monsoon heavy rain was too fast for her, and she was as drenched as the clothes before she scampered inside. Not seen such a downpour for years here. The gutters and drains were soon unable to cope and the sloping street itself became a little river. So I put my coat on and took a walk. Was as dreichet as a trout in about two seconds, but it felt good. Something cleansing about a good sharp storm when they are as rare as they are here. I walked down to the corner shop and it was empty. Usually at 5pm its full of people returning from work or kids sent out to get a forgotten item for that evenings meal. I bought some milk and 4 tins of Grolsh, (special offer at £2.99 for the 4), and a packet of Herta frankfurters. I only needed the milk as I still had 4 beers in the fridge and rarely eat frankfurters. But as it turned out it was good that I did as a freind called later and she and her son will be here for dinner tomorrow evening. They are fussy eaters, not because they are 'healthy' eaters, just the opposite infact. Its me thats the healthy eater but when they come I have to cook junk otherwise they just poke it around their plates. So its going to be pasta with cherry tomatoes and frankfurters tomorrow night. I bet you they pick out the leaves of fresh sweet basil tho.

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Dear Diary,

as u no im vegan n dont use any animal produce. but i lik 2 eet sum things lik tvp n seitan n tempeh n tofu n i made a relly good cheeze sauce 4 tofu scramble wit nutrishnal yeets. mayB l8ter i can m4k3 sum c0rn t0rt1ll3s w1t b34ns. yummmy. 1 talk about food alot. Later today I'm gonna play some ffx I think and tomorrow on Shabbos me and my dad are goin hiking a bit. I love going hiking. It's so fun. One time I got really excited and just took tons of pictures of bark. That was a while ago. This is my favorite bark pic:

Red Bark on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

yeah. bark. I can't eat that though or I'll get a splinter in my tongue.

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Dear Diary,

I am totally fascinated. I have just read text messaging and Jewish words in one post and understood it. CR has its educational moments. :)

yeah. bark. I can't eat that though or I'll get a splinter in my tongue.

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Dear Dairy,

For the lactose tolerant, I like to spell upside down umop episdn just because.

nLv s rite HBRW & TXT have similarities....hmmmm

One time in the Blue Hills ther lived a boy named Rocky Racoon, got really excited about bark. I was going around taking pictures of all of the different kinds of bark in the woods there and proceeded to lie on the table. It had so much expression and personality, I booked myself a room in the local saloon. This was one of my favorites her name was mgill but she called her self lil. It makes me smile when I see it by stealing the girl of his fancy. I want to know the secret to its beauty and Ill be better, Ill be better doc as soon as I am able.

Nice bark, how's your bite?

Stoned temple pilots. Would those be monks high on brew?

Its just a test and Dauer's score gets thrown out so the average isn't skewed.

Hmmm diary wonder if this really belongs in the useless thread...
Dear Diary,

What's for dinner? ...the cupboard is bare, but something could be rustled up...unless the other half has eaten some gluefood (canteen gloop) at the institution.
Nice outside - weather finally turning after the 4 seasons we had this week. No rain (always a good sign). The country is still in governmental limbo due to recent election (no don't discuss politics here), throwing up all sorts of coffee break discussions on corruption/ state of the world. Get away from heavy thoughts, yes a walk by the sea.
Friday.... ah..... thoughts turn to food again...what IS in the freezer ? THOSE CONTAINERS ? soup? a veggie stew ? mmmmm what are those tins in the back of the cupboard there....

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Dear Diary,

Today is such a glorious sunny day.
In the morning I woke with a nasty headache. No, no, it wasn't a hangover, I rarely drink, and if I do I'll do a glass or two at the most you see. It probably was the fact that I ate too much junk yesterday, or maybe it is the side effects of the MMR vaccine I had thursday, what do you think dear diary?
So in the morning I tried playing some music to ease my pain, then I lied most of the afternoon in bed, puking a while after having a drink of water.
I still haven't eaten anything, but my dear said she will cook me some bland rice, ha, ha easier said than done.

Right now I'm just reading Tao's entry in his diary, and I'm quite disappointed that he actually wrote something sort of interesting in such a silly thread.:D

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Dear Diary,

As usual, the window is open here beside my desk, and it highlights the dust on the piano and my precious collection of instruments and artwork sitting on top of it. But I am not going to dust. I am going to look out the window at the big orange tiger lilies out by the alley and the matching trumpet vine over on the fence I share with my crazy and lovable neighbor who planted it two years ago for us to share. The orange glows golden when the sun hits it, and when there is dew on the deep green grass, it reminds me of a jewel box. And then there is the flourishing Purple Heart or Moses-In-A-Boat (it has many names). I hope the wild morning glories grow up along the patio and the side of the house again this year, but I've got to remember to keep them out of the flowerbeds because they will take over. There's all kinds of stuff out there, and I can smell the chocolate and apple mints growing beneath the window when the breeze floats in.

My poor husband is struggling with sinus allergies again, and he is sleeping because he has a big concert tonight. I hope he will be able to sing! I'd shut the window so the pollen and stuff would not come in, but he says that it doesn't make any difference, and that we should just probably move to a more allergy-friendly environment, but I don't know how either one of us would do in a colder climate. I, for one, am not much of a winter flower. Hmmm....maybe the desert. The sunsets are nice there.

Well, the last time I made an entry, dear diary, I forgot to mention my mood and my music, so....

Mood: Peaceful
Music: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, "From the Beginning", accompanied by the birds outside (they like that synthesizer bit). And thinking about looking up some Norah Jones.

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Dear Diary,

Today I went to the Arnold Arboretum with my dad. We were going to go hiking but his suggestion sounded good. It's a cool place and even though we both have a good sense of direction we got lost a few times. Then after we went out to eat at a really nice vegan Thai restaurant. Normally I don't go out to eat on Shabbos but family always comes first. We got spring rolls, these fried triangle appetizers, a yummy padang curry with vegan shrimp, and a vegan beef dish in a brown sauce. All of the veggies and herbs tasted really fresh. We went in the middle of the afternoon and the place was mostly empty. Half of it is a restaurant and the other half is a bubble tea cafe. I'm going to have to take my girlfriend there for one of the hotter curries. They're also supposed to have awesome desserts.

Oh, and there was a bonsai tree at the arboretum that was older than the US. :O

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Dear Diary,

I ate fried green tomatoes at the “Whistle Stop Café ” yesterday.

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Dear Diary,

Was a bit too phased to write yesterday. My two guests the night before expanded to a few and rather large quantities of beer were consumed by all. These impromptu parties are always the wildest. And its left me feeling my age, the energy drain i get from having a few too many beers is simply not worth it.
The aftermath, not a cup, glass, plate or bowl in my place that did not need washed. Popcorn and nuts everywhere. But nothing smashed and no one got so smashed that I had to clean anything really yukky.

Mood: subdued

Music: church bells peeling over the sound of kids playing in the street.
Dear Diary

Back at work again. Why am I always here... not getting much done again. *Must look at correlation between the two.*
Just heard a staff accuse a three year old of having "oatmeal" in his ears. As must she since I hava already told her she may not say things like that...
Should I have lunchm, maybe it will unplug the ear that is plugged from my fan blowing in it all night.

Enjoyed visiting with my cousin this weekend. I love him, Scott broke his fishing rod... drama ensued. How many hours until bed time?

Oh yeah:

mood: crazy. Coming down off triple espresso (which is crazy in my normally caffeine free body)

music: toddlers running around and yelling in the IT Room...
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Dear Diary,

After work headed to supermarket to find that the new one, that they built adjacent to old, was having its Grande Opening, so i was played into it by some local brass band playing wildly out of synch. Good thing was that all fresh produce was 70% off!! So i bought me a ton of tomatoes, to make sauce, and cherries to make some jam. Also bought a load of lamb for the freezer, but saved a bit back for a nice hot curry I made for my dinner. Nina does not like lamb or Indian food but soon polished off a bowl and used the nan bread to leave not a trace of sauce left. Funny how people enjoy what they dont like aint it :p

Mood, knackered

Music: the whirr of the fan on this computer and the woeful clicking of my 2 finger typing.