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Hey BB or dauer!

Do you have any good links for a discussion on the wilderness Tabernacle? I know there is a thread in the Interfaith Parsha Project, but I didn't see anything decidely Jewish there, other than bb's suggestion for Mary Douglas' 'Leviticus as Literature'. But I need something that's online, please.

ETA: I'm looking specifically for discussion about the functionality of the various implements and structures, like the table of shewbread, the candlestick, altar of incense, priestly attire, etc and any spiritual significance attached to these items.
I'm not going to bump them up on google because their politics sometimes get a bit dangerous but you might give a search for "Temple Institute." They're the ones who're preparing for rebuilding the beit hamikdash.

Also, here's something about the 39 melachot which are derived from the types of construction done for the mishkan: Torah Tots 39 Melachot

This discusses the mishkan, its purpose, and the tension between G!d located in a specific place and being everywhere: - Texts: God’s Home

I think you already know how to find the chabad page that has rashi. if you go there you can look at his comments on passages related to it.

This d'var torah contrasts revelation with the construction of the mishkan and then relates the function of the mishkan to the function of Torah: Radical Torah » Blog Archive » The Mishkan in the Wilderness

I subscribed to the Temple Institute and became a member. They send out very informative newsletters and information on all aspects of the temple. I also like their discussion on "Which comes first the messiah or the temple?". dondi, I think you might find some of the answers you are seeking. I am certainly not an expert on things of Judiasm, but I keep studying and everyday I am in awe of the depth of what Judiasm has to offer this world in all its many forms. He Hawai'i Au, poh
just as long as they don't start talking about how they have to blow the dome of the rock up first - that is well within their particular ideology, the fools.



aloha e bb .... I keep receiving their literature and they haven't talked about blowing up the dome yet (lol) .... however right now they are very concerned about the excavation work taking place and that sacred relics may be destroyed. Interesting it was my participation in the Parsha dialogue (or what became a very limited dialogue) that drew me deeply into the return of the Mosiach and rebuilding of the third temple. I read "Secrets of the Future Temple" by Rabi Moshe Chaim Luzztto and here is a great quote from that book "As these lights spread out from their place of glory, the atribute of exact measure kept them within their boundaries. Through the great power of restraint (Gevurah) inherent in this quality of measure, a wall was built in front of them, keeping the lights within and preventing them from spreading further. Understand the underlying principle of the walls of the various buildings. The power of each will directly corresponds to the intensity of the light that it restricts. The nature of the wall corresponds to the light it hides and the intensity of the light corresponds to the wall. Neither possesses greater power or importance than the other. Since the entire Temple building was built from the lights of the two letters Vav and Heh, the wall of the Holy of Holies also came into being through the power of these two letters. "

It seems to me that the first and second temples are like building blocks giving us directions to rebuild the third. Survival and sustenance are connected to the temple mount (as I read it) and it may have to do with a light called Ochazah as in the verse "I said I will climb up into the palm tree, I will take hold of its branches" (Song of Songs 7:9), "The numerical value of this word (Ochazah) is twenty-seven (corresponding to the twenty-two letters of the Aleph Beit as well as five others that take a different form at the end of a word)" "The palm tree indicates connection and unity and the idea of the branches allues to permutations generated by the letters." "When Tiferet and Malchut joined togetgher, three great lights emerged from the head of Tiferet and came down via Yesod to Malchut, where they reached these three ciphers..... the light goes up and down each one of them repeatedly with tremendous force, spreading to all their derivative generations at once, and this is wha gives each creature in the world the power it needs."

I may have botched this up .... but I'm trying .... and to end with my favorite from "Secrets of the Future Temple" "In the time of the Masiach mercy will spread throughout the world, and all things will be rectified and brought to perfection. All the lights will shine with a radiance unlike anything every known. Holiness will spread without bounds, and all the worlds will be filled with serenity, bliss and joy, as it says: "This the day that G-d made, we will rejoice and be glad on it" (Psalms 118:24)

I think I'm starting to get it, but it is now so easy to explain .... aloha nui, poh