The Official Unbinding Smite Thread


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Even the enlightened or highly evolved on occasion - in a moment of unbridled passion - desire to smite some as3hole-at-large...reducing them to ashes, or a toad, or...

This is a safe place to get your smiting mojo out without actually muddying your karma or going to hell, or whatever you believe will happen when you misbehave...

I smite my boss - a man-hating woman that should never have been given the reigns of power unless it was to run a vacuum cleaner!

blessed are the stupid, for they shall find wisdom,
blessed are the weak, for they shall find strength
blessed are all those who generally piss off 17th, for theirs shall be the kingdom of heathen

You know, I want to smilte, I feel like smiting, I'd like to smite.

but I can't.

I mean will smiting improve matters?

Dag nabbit this is the lounge and this is supposed to be fun, smiting for the heck of it.

but in reality I'd like to see the Gov't improve, litterbugs realize the error in their ways, appreciate that Chris's brother took him at the little ball game...I just can't see how smiting will benefit the situation.

I was an ass, a reprobate, a completely unproductive counterproductive member of society for decades...If I had been smited I couldn't be doing what I am doing today...

It would have been fairly easy to see that I deserved smiting...oh and back then I smited away, gladly, without remorse, willy nilly smiting even, just for grins, personal pleasure...I've lost that...can't even pretend smite in the lounge...
Thanks Wil,

Yes Smiting is bad, even if those that may need a bit of smiting may deserve it. I had a nice long walk and that sorted out my smiting, though there was litter along the way and the Government are still bad.

Hate doesn't help just eats up inside.

One day I am going to pick up the litter around the corner in the lane with crisp packets and dog poo.

thanks brian - glad to be amongst the quantum soup here again...smiting with humor can be seen as smiting lite for those worried about their conscious bothering them
I smite that that takes away those brothers and sisters we love. Not smite lite, either. Industrial strength.

I realize it must happen, but I don't have to like it.

Mark, I'm gonna miss you bro! Catch ya on the next level! Save a spot for me.
i smite cockroaches. especially the ones that fly and get in your hair or on your back and make you dance so fast that you travel through time. or better yet, when you wake up from an awesome session of beauty sleep and lo and behold, you find one crawling up your leg or arm. damn it, man. what are the purpose of cockroaches? no purpose but to make you want to vomit. i mean, i don't fear them or anything, they are just so gross! then to top it off, when you kill one, it leaves an awful smell. i hates thems! down with roaches!:D *shutters and runs to the bathroom to vomit*