What Are You Watching on Youtube?

I'm not sure if this could be posted in OFs:

I didn't want to post the previous video because it pertained to a major structure fire that killed nine firefighters (it included the last words of at least two of them.)

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Please move if this is inappropriate:

Basically, it's an update concerning a recent shooting in Newport News. Only one victim (the teacher) and the shooter was only six-years-old!

Words can't express my anger/frustration. I'll be with the :kitty: delegation in the Mope Corner.
A look at Firefly/Serenity:

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Stick Figure, Slightly Stoopid: "Way Of Life" (a drug-free psychadelic journey).

I watch so much you tube and I go on tangents. Recently I've been watching urban explorers that go into abandoned homes and film it. It makes me so sad all the mansions and houses sitting empty and decaying when we have so many homeless.

I also love to watch reaction videos

Disturbed's Sound of Silence .. David Draiman comes from a long line of Cantor singers and his voice is a gift from God. He did this cover because he wanted something to sing that his family could listen to. The respect he has for his family is so wonderful that even in his involvement with heavy metal he refuses to get tattoos out of respect.

I'm not sure if anyone else is interested in this hobby (I just like to watch this gentleman since I'm a certified klutz):

He originally worked on automobiles, but now he pretty much woks on watches (both wristwatches and pocket watches.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
An accident at the San Antonio rodeo involving the Budweiser clydesdales:

It ended with the clydedales walking offstage, including the one that got entangled in the hitch (I beliweve said horse was immediately taken to the rodeo's onsite vet for a checkup.))

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I'm not sure if anyone's interested in the subject of this video (it's a bald eagle's nest in case the video's taken down):

No :kitty:s are involved afaik.
This video kinda effects not only this site but other sites we watch/subscribe to:

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Some of you might be interested in this video:

In case it's taken down, the video's a demonstration of glassblowing. Just make sure you have close to two hours free to watch it.

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A stop-motion "samarai" short:

Y'all might want to turn on the subtitles to understand the story/dialogue. There isn't any bloodshed, but quite a bit of sawdust in place of blood.

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Another Nala the :kitty: video, but with a twist! Dean and Nala camped in a coffee warehouse, and Dean's helping with the bean-roasting!

I'm not sure if anyone's interested in the procedure, but there's plenty of :kitty: action! Oh, and there's :kitty:-cam footage!! 🙂

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How to make a brown-tabby-and-white :kitty: out of wool felt that's almost lifelike!

The person making the :kitty: also has a video on making a shiba inu!

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A comparrison/contrast between Nine Inch Nails' Hurt and Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt. along with a few clips of other performers' covers:

Too bad 17th isn't here to give [i[his[/i] opinion...

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This could be posted in Mystery thread (I might've posted it already):

It's perfect for St. Patrick's Day, Meatless Mondays and/or lactovegetarians. 😼

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This could be posted on Mystery thread (click on the subtexts if you aren't fluent in the OP's language to make it easier to comprehend):

It's for an apple roll in case y'all are interested. 😼

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