What Are You Watching on Youtube?

The latest video of Dean Nicholson and his Bosnian :kitty: companion, Nala with their adventures in Scotland (Dean driving a classic VW camper/van.) Any gearheads might be able to hear what was wrong with Nessie (the van) even before the official diagnosis by the garage techs:

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Judge Judy, lol
9 min

Another Nala the :kitty: video!

I apologize for the stuff about the lady's proposed book, but she has some fascinating anecdotes about her wildlife rescues/releases, and Dean's offerred to sell it on his site when finished.

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A special acceptance speech at the most recent BAFTA awards:

The gentleman on stage was the first deaf/hearing impaired actor to win best supporting actor AFAIK.

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A two-for-one "sale"

The first one's a tribute by Michelle Obama for the late Queen Elizabeth II, while the second one's an interview of Mandy Patinkin when he found out that he had lost cousins he never knew in Treblinka (one was just a few months old when he died.)

I think I'll drown in :kitty:s.

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From The King Of Queens: Doug runs afoul of his waitress. (Short, 2 mins apiece)

More adventures w/ Dean Nicholson and Nala the :kitty:!

They come across a sea eagle (no, the eagle didn't get Nala because the :kitty: was in the camper van when the bird was spotted.)

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A Cinema_Therapy reaction that may be a bit triggering for some:

Coraline is, to the therapist's PoV, a cautionary tale about manipulators in reality.

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Maybe should go in daily rant

Saw him last night at Kennedy Center, Emo Phillips opener!

He started out with, "It is cool to perform in the same theater where I will one day be awarded a lifetime achievement award, posthumously"
I might've posted this before (Warning: Contains some scenes w/ theatrical blood and other "questionable" stuff pertanent to the story):

This video game is perfect for Samhain/Halloween imo.

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Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Performance: "Ashokan Farewell"