Jury of 12


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a figment of your imagination
I wonder, if I were to be tried...

for anything....

and they said I was to be tried by a jury of my peers...

I wonder if I could request they came from here...
I wouldn't be sweating a court case..... If I did it or didn't that wouldn't matter.... If it was evil, that wouldn't matter I wouldn't define good from bad right from wrong.. I'd simply turn to manipulate mode.... I would have that jury around my finger..... I'd get away with it.... I can be a very likeable person.... (If they only -truly- knew me.) And can read what people like to hear... What they like and so on... So yeah... I'd be the freaking innocent angel..... Using people helps... And it has proven itself to work in the erm past lol... Court cases are a breeze! End of the day it isn't did he or didn't he... It really is, do I like him or not.... :D Like you seen in some serious conversation/debates on here lol I'd fail to see the serious side and turn it into a freaking circus!!! LAR!!!!
So what kind of trouble are you in, wil? :D

Hey... Hey hey, it isn't about what you've done!.... It's about how much you can persuade others that you haven't done!

Legally.... If we are serious for a moment they would laugh at ya... lol... No you couldn't "pick" your executioners.... They are random and varied to get a fair even spread opinion.... Asking for 12 of yee mates to be the jury is, in a way, going to be a tad... JUST AN IDDLE BIT! biaised........ I feel.... Just a crazy feeling I get.... If any ANY of the 12 jury have any connection WHATSOEVER to the defendant... The have to immediatley alert the judge to this fact, they are then removed from jury and we pause for tea an so on and get a new memember of the jury.
Would you want me to be one of the 12 :D
Heck yeah...

I'd take a random sampling of those regular contributors here any day over 12 retirees with nothing better to do, or 12 that can't figure out how to get out of jury duty, or 12 that are going with the some G!d complex.

I don't always agree with the regular contributors here and y'all don't always agree with me...but it appears most are thinking, contemplating, discerning individuals and I'll be absolutely willing to take my chances with that!
Heck yeah...

Sweeet. lol

12 that can't figure out how to get out of jury duty

Hangs head in shame... I talked about this before... and I would state that I am a factor they wouldn't want in court...

Example if there was a black person, I would state I am racist and dislike non-whites....

If it were a homosexual, I'd state I am extremley homophobic........

Jew... I'm a Neo Nazi.... Christian.. I'm a Satanist.... A pagan I'm a christian.... lol... Just expressing my free choice voice and will.... They cannot arrest me for that... But they sure as hell cannot use me as a part of a jury service lol. Cause you could say... "FINE I will simply disagree with the rest of the jury.. They say guitly I'll just freaking say innocent...." But that delays it even more and more... And you end up wasting more time... So straight from the start... "I can't do this because I "hate" the defendant and I want him/her to rot in hell....." Get you out of there as quick as poop off a shovel.

Also it goes on and on, but those give the general idea of how I would.... Shameful eh... lol I'd rather pretend to be something I am not to avoid work. FREE work..... That ain't happening... You have enough trouble getting me to work for a wage lol...
yes, I reckon you would 17th but it would be funny to watch. I'd still want you on my side and NOT against me. (see kiddys, this is what happens if you do drugs, drink, and marry jws) (lol forgive me please Mrs 17th)
Count me in Wil but if you are gulty you are in BIG trouble. I may say not guilty at the trial but once you were out of the courtroom you would have me to deal with :p
Namaste all,

i've always been curious as to why people try to avoid jury duty, especially as it is one of the foundational aspects of many jurisprudence systems.

it seems that people tend to make fun of those that "can't think of how to get out of this duty" rather than thinking that, perhaps, these beings feel the obligation that democracy requires and, given ones particular locus, is even considered a civic duty to be rendered unto the populace.

personally, i would not try to get out of it as i do feel the obligation that comes with living in a democratic republic...i hope you don't suddenly view my mental capacites as deficient!