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Well folks I'm just a little distraught tonight. My wife and I came within a few feet of death today.
Being the first day of Fall, we headed south on our motorcycles and swept up through Phantom Canyon on our annual fall colors run. the trip is about 100 miles or so and we finished up at a local resturant downtown. On the way home I suggested that Susan take the lead since she has to pull in the garage first anyhow.
I was about two to three seconds behind her as we approached the intersection of Fontanero and Nevada streets in town. Nevada is one of the main drags through the downtown area. The light was green and the car in front of my wife had already entered the intersection, my wife was about two seconds behind it.
From the corner of my eye I saw a blue car speeding through the intersection heading south blowing the red light. It hit the car in front of her and continued through the intersection before it came to a halt, Susan locked up her brakes and was able to bring her Harley to a stop with me right behind her.
Another second and it could have been her in the way of that oncomming car, and at the speed it was traveling, I doubt she would have survived being broad sided.
I ride quite a bit more than she does and accept the risks, but seeing her in near danger that way quite unnerves me.
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Oh geez ... thank God you are both okay, Mark!

I ride too (Kawi 750 Vulcan, and a 1500 before that), and I've seen some close calls.

It's beautiful weather out there, but there are some idiots - plenty of 'em - in a hurry, forgetting that this isn't a rat race, or even a race at all.

I despise the red-light cameras, but I will say this much for 'em ... they have probably helped folks like us, more than once, and helped cut down on accidents in general.

Yellow lights are there for a reason. I just wish people would pay better attention, slow down, and drive like they had one tiny bit of sense!

Again, thank goodness you are both okay. Someone must be looking out for you. :)


WHEW !!! Mark, sure glad that everything ended up alright. Used to have a Honda in the late 70's and early 80's, full faring, the whole bit. I almost bought it a couple of times before I decided that buses and cars were better for my health. VERY happy for you both!

Thanks Andrew, She tells me that she tries not to think about it too much, but I'm quite bothered by the whole thing. I have close calls from time to time but seeing her in danger is a different thing altogether.
Yeah, the first time I went down was on a heckuva curve on the Blue Ridge Parkway, due to speed wobble - and of course, innate human stupidity! :p

The second time, a few years back, was an extremely low-speed accident, rounding a curve, when a college student pulled right out in front of me. That totaled my first Vulcan 750, and luckily I walked away with only minor scrapes and bruises. (The backboards in ambulances are much more painful than any injury you might actually have sustained, but I know - they have to make sure!).

I drive like a little ol' lady nowadays ... until I get out on the country roads, with good visibility. You gotta keep them carbs cleaned out, ya know ... ;) :D
Nothing worse than seeing a loved one in danger and to be unable to take action to help. Glad you both came through it ok.
I would no longer ride a street bike for the roads are simply to busy and too many drivers just too inconsiderate for it to be safe. Trade em in for off-road bikes and have some "real" fun in relative safety :)

It is good that she indicates it does not negatively affect her so much. I think you can appreciate that she will have an increased awareness at every intersection from now on.

I think your issue comes from your helplessness. You indicated that your peripherals caught the car coming, yet there your wife wife was ahead of you and there was nothing that you could do. I think if you had more control over the situation you would not be as affected as you are. I believe you regain that control with the knowledge that her senses are heightened in this regard.

I also hope all in the accident are healing, and the errant driver can learn that nothing is worth being in that kind of hurry...

Every time a car passed my Grampa on the highway at a high rate of speed he would say, to the driver who just flew by but would never hear, "Arrive safely and when you get there, tell'em we are coming."
Thanks for the kindess friend :)
greymare, The folks in the cars should be okay, plenty of steel around them and I saw them out of their cars walking about.
Tao, I hear you man, but the bike is my main transportation aside from my work truck.
right as usual, thanks bud.
I won't go into detail on my view... lol... But, to put it blunt and short... That's part of the ride... Hopping on a crotch rocket... You have already made a statement... "I might die while riding this, right now." Saftey when it comes to the crotch rocket isn't that good and anyone can logically see why that is...... But yeah part of the thrill in my view. :\

Whatever the task, you have to be prepared for the consciquences!£$£! I CANT SPELL IT!$!"£
Yeah...looking back over the years at my "near miss" experiences on a "sickle" my overall opinion is that it doesn't matter how defensively you try to ride and drive, there's always a certain percentage of drivers in autos/trucks who will look right at you and don't even recognize a person on a "sickle" as a "real" vehicle. Maybe it's a size thingy. It's almost like they/we become entranced in spells of denial. Glad it all worked out well in the end Mark.

Wow Mark! So glad she was not hurt...that you both came out of that close call OK. What a way to end a beautiful Fall ride. Of course, such a brush with death...maybe had the silver lining of reminding how precious life and love is.

I know that I worry more about something happening to Roger and my girls than I do about myself.
Mark, I'm so glad you both are alive and well! I'll add my thoughts with others here and just hope everyone involved is okay and perhaps will not be in such a rush in the future.

OMG Mark, I am so happy you and your wife are OK. It sounds that your wife has very quick reactions. It is frightening how often we come so close to accidents and the memory stays with us. Glad to hear the people in the car are also OK.

I used to ride Triumph's a million years ago but stopped after losing a couple of friends but I still remember how relaxing the rides were.