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Discussion in 'Magick' started by enlightenment, Nov 6, 2007.

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    We contacted what purported to be a dead woman named Amalee who had committed suicide in the house. We found out later that there had been a woman with a very similar name who had actually hung herself in an upstairs bedroom. Neither my girlfriend at the time nor I had any pre knowledge of any of that. The darn pointer thing moved, seemingly of it's own volition. I didn't have to try or try not to concentrate or maintain any sort of credulity during the communication. It was kinda creepy and I never knew what to make of the experience.

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    lol it's just like 'ghost writing' you -are- moving it lol....

    I've said it before and shall say it again, the best explination and showing of the "magic" of the ouija board... Download or find a show called Seance by Derren brown... It destroys many magical ideas about many things you can also participate in the whole thing.... You will find "amazingly" you get the same results as all that are there attempting to "contact the dead"... Fabulous..... So Participate and watch it :D.... That is the best way to see that it is nonsense lol....

    This clip doesn't have the ouija board part but still interesting ;)

    YouTube - Derren Brown - Seance
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    How nice that a thread about Ouija became a sunday school lesson. :p

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