Jesus was a Buddhist

Ya get divine inspiration....and you don't have a language to tell the world what you know, so you use parables, allegory, and metaphor....
There is always a connection...
And yet are the doctrines transposable?


So connections, yes ... was Jesus a Buddhist?

Well, as Jesus is the Logos of God, and before Abraham was, He is, then Jesus is before all. So was Buddha a Christian?

So was Buddha a Christian?

Close....Buddha was a of only begotten continually begotten.

And the world still doesn't get it, apparently ...
As long as we have hundreds of religions which each think they hold the one and only truth....

and thousands of Christian Denominations who look down on others as they believe they each hold the one and only truth... is apparent...we, the royal we don't get it.
"As long as we have hundreds of religions which each think they hold the one and only truth...."

Right! The biggest impediment to ecumenicalism is preaching, "If you don't believe in my religion, then you are going to hell!" Sadly, this is what most religions teach.
As long as we have hundreds of religions which each think they hold the one and only truth....

But it's not like they do, they are very strict in their interpretation of their own religion, like a package deal, but they don't necessarily dismiss all other teachings. I don't get the sense that Tomas, for example, do that. And I hear the Dalai Lama is very open to a great many religions.
Was Jesus a Buddhist? Why not ask him?

Verily, those who wish to hear from the Master's lips shall even do so. Perhaps the answer comes in just such proportion as the earnest desire to hear the TRUE answer, and this, not for the satisfaction of one's idle curiosity, but that we may better SERVE our Fellow Man.

Step forward, him who can claim such conditions ....


No wonder questions such as this remain unanswered.

I would try to describe why I have the answer ... but then I must begin with caveats, and as I've discovered, it's far easier just being the black sheep ~ even if you do have to get used to watching the rest of the flock carry on LIKE THEY OWN THE PLACE. Or have some special place in the grand scheme that the rest of us do not have.

No, these are the WORST sort of would-be-Christian. And thus they must be LAST to discover who and what the `real Jesus' was like.

It's okay folks. I've pledged to be there, too. I will help you through it ...

... and when you can say "It's not about my own damn curiosity" ~ I'm quite sure, the answers will be forthcoming! :)
Nor did ol' Taijasi say anything like "I'm the only one with the answers."

I merely said, that YOU don't have them.

And of course, those who DO know, know THAT! :rolleyes:
Yes there are folks out there that are very open to interfaith...and there are interfaith folks that insist that interfaith is the only way to go...

I'd say the majority of the population believe they have the corner on the they theists, atheists, secularists, or whatever.....
Christians and buddhists are involved in one-upmanship (do I get the word right? But probably you know what I mean). Christians eye some half a billion buddhists and buddhists eye the two and a half billion christians. Christians also equate Jesus with Krishna. Religious politics.