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Jack Halyard

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Hi folks,

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas, and to those of you that don't observe Christmas, I wish you the best of everything and hope that the holidays that you do celebrate are glorious.

This evening I am doing what InLove and I did on occasion, cooking chili and enjoying a bit of cold amber refreshment. I am in a rather pensive and reflective state of mind, thinking of all the holidays and other times that we spent together, but somehow knowing that she is here in spirit overseeing the preparation of the concoction colloqially known as "Texas Red." By the way the aroma is quite sublime.

I wanted to pass on to all of you that there is a memorialization of her that you can access at Making Everlasting Memories, worldwide memorialization, establish a living family history.

She loved you all very much, as I do, although she knew you guys much better than I know you, as she spent a lot more time with you than I have, but from our discussions I feel that I know you all quite well.

Anyway, I hope that all of you have a most blessed Christmas and the happiest of new years.


Merry Christmas my brother.

I so honor your fortitude, celebrating the memories, cooking and experiencing as you are. A tribute to her that is truly impressive. I clearly remember my first Christmas without, and the support I received from others, and how many were not even able to know what to do or say around me.

Yes, Merry Christmas, beautiful movie, thank you.

Deb was such a unique and beautiful human being. One of the most remarkable presences I have ever known. Those of us who were privileged to know her for even a short time were automatically changed for the better in hidden ways.

I am happy that you're celebrating her spiritual presence and continuing your "Texas Red" traditions. It's always the small and seemingly insignificant things which remind us of the continued presence of those who must leave. But then that's how true love works isn't it. You are indeed a very lucky man to have shared a part of your life with Debora.

Mom and I will be going to a friend's home for a traditional Italian Christmas eve dinner tomorrow evening. A very quiet time for us and of course we'll be remembering the Christmas' with Dad who's been gone for about a year and a half now.

The chain of love and remembrance is meant to be continued and unbroken, for that is how and why the world was made in the first place.

All of my best thoughts and wishes are sent to you and yours this blessed time of year.


Even if there is no God, no metaphysics, no higher dimensions.. Debs lives on in the ethers...touches those a generation ago would have never known her.
I am no Christian, but i taste the chilli on my tounge, yearn, weep, sing and dance for someone i could spiritually and humanly only ever hope to emulate, never equal. Its easy here online to make glib and fatuous statements..perhaps I am guilty too often, Inlove never made one. So what? mite some say whop never knew how a few words from her would make you re-think your tangent...so what indeed.
It cannot be denied by any here that CR is a poorer place in her absence, yet in her every contribution she enriched what we have to offer. She welcomed me back with such a warm welcome, after a long absence, that without which I mite never have returned, heard her last posts, that made me feel valued. Like she understood i never came here to disagree, but because i loved like she did. Loving is not always easy. What i am trying to say is you do not have to believe in anything to know that Debs was special. But you know that better than any of us.
So Jack,... Merry Christmas....with all my love for you and yours.

Warm wishes to you and InLove - always in our hearts.

*the Comparative Religion :kitty: choir enters stage right, a handsome silver "classic" tabby and a cute little calico moving a little bit in front of the rest. They "tune up" then the tabby breaks into a heartrending rendition of Amazing Grace, after which the calico breaks into a heartbreaking rendition of Silent Night. Tears cloud up the vision of some Comparative Religion members as the last note drifts off and the :kitty:s pause (paws?) for a few moments before exiting stage right, a few giving the calico a congratulatory swipe of the tongue for a job well done on her first solo*

Randy, just think of this season this way: Deb is probably cooking up a batch of your chili so she can share it with those who haven't had a decent chili, plus several of her "world-famous" desserts to accompany the hearty stew. :D

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
hey Jack... I have a big squeeze with ur name on it- consider it given...

merry christmas to u, too (albeit a date late)...

Merry Christmas, Jack. This is a great time of year to make chili; I've been contemplating making some myself.

You both have been in my thoughts throughout this month...