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    Thanks for the editing, @RJM

    Viciousness still sounds too romantic. For the vast majority, it is frivolity.
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    In all Seriousness it is frivolity; But i couldn't get over my mind to cause a relationship prior to the Conditions of Which a Romantic manner is the starting premise of how we associate with the RealiyZation of Taken back arm's against the viciousness of Carnevoring Animal Meat's.
    Their is a Strict subjection of Which i'm still in prior Transition to the Conditions that are pending in this Thread as a notion to the Digestion of Animal Meat's and Theirfore associated with the Stages Prior to the Carnevor of Which mankind maintain themselves in.
    So While i'm intending to not Forcefully abliged myself or other's into it; as This Post Was Lightheaded (Frivolous) i associated, intended to make use of a Concept that was Due to it's Reality Wherein Other Members have Posted Threads with a More Serious Notion in That Manner then a Simple Questionary Mark on The Premise. So Whereas i See that Frivolity is capable to be in Use; i stuck with the Prior Theme of Viciousness so that it may maintain the Theme of Flow without Conducting a Compulsion of one's Religion or Prior Degrees of Association with this Form: Animal Meat's.

    Life in that Manner as the Hindu(istic) traditions may see; prior/primarily that all Animals have association with the Reincarnated Life of Family members or Conclusive Members of Humanity/Life itself; Comes to a halt in that Life is the Association we give to the Individual of Primarily Living Form in the Consent of TAKING Relationship. So Whereas All Animals Slaughtered have no Relations to Man Except that of the Food Content Which it Provides; I Commend them Who Thusby Do not Associate with Meat intake to the Knowledge that they Revere Life Enough to the Consent that All Animals are Sentient in Being. So the Form of Writing was Simply to Make Mindful MORE then the Casual Do not Eat Meat's Process Theme of Writing. Rather the Concept that These Are Living Beings ONCE Alive, and then taken into Consideration for our Human DIGESTION of InTAKE for the Nourishment of our Bodies. If Mankind will ever come to the Conclusion to make Meat out of Plant's; Which already is in Progress. Then We Would See the Flourishment of Animals All over the Globe as a Living Entity that is Associated with the Human Live's as Neighbor's and Companions Which we May Associate With. But as This is Still not in Primarily, We Still See Human Slaughter of Animals in Which we Grant our Bodies the Intake of Proteins. The More Thought about it, it is a Sadly matter; But In Accordance to a Movie Called "Temple Grandin" of an Autistic Real Story Depiction of How Animals Should be Treated in a Wise When it comes to the Production of Animal Meat's. So i Leave This Post With a Trailer of that Movie if Ever Anybody Wishes to Rent it or Purchase for the View of Which i'm Much Moved From the Movies Theme and the Autobiography of Temple Grandin herself About her Autism And Solutions She Found in the Prime of Her Thrive.

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