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I just want to ask humbly, respectfully and in a friendly way that is this kind of post is allowed:
Here's the wiki read on Palestine. Palestine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If yes then what is the difference in copying something and pasting a link a length of a book and do not reply it and do not have a dialogue which our forum Mod said me to do here.

If not then you should look this post say him their also.

Humble request and do not please take it negatively.
I do not know where that post came from, but it looks like someone responded to a question about palestine and someone else responded with a location that an answer could be found.

Most of the rules and regs regarding this site are to keep discussion open and in regards to actual discussion and not cutting and pasting of pages of thought.

Folks that work within the bounds are given some occasional leniency in this regard.

Take some time to enjoy the community and discussion, learn from the resident elders, and you'll either stay and play or move on.

In general, members should be responding in dialogue fashion. Overall, the bulk of one's posts should be dialogue and one's own writing.

Once in a while, if a member that routinely posts their own writing refers someone to other materials to answer a question via a link, that is acceptable. Sometimes, there is no easy way to summarize an answer to a question, and there is a very good online summary of the information. Typically, though, the types of conversations we have here are best facilitated by dialogue between members.

Most of what is acceptable to cut and paste is quotes from sacred texts (i.e., the Bible, the Quran, etc.) and diagrams. What is appropriate in these cases is to keep the quotes relevant, as short as possible to discuss one's point, and make sure you cite the reference where you got the stuff.

What is not looked upon favorably are frequent or regular posts that are cut/paste or links, promotion of a person's own website or other websites, and prosyletizing (trying to convert people to one's own religion). In general, posts should be dialogue in one's own words- we're basically having conversations here at CR. If in doubt, you could always ask a mod.

Path/Kim (mod, B&S)
I agree with you but no answer comes and paste this link and then i would have accepted it but it is so long that it will take so much time to read it, rather he should have replied by answer, last thing that i only pasted three posts before i knew it was wrong and i did not pasted the link to it because it was from my own website if i would have then people would have said that im promoting my own site. So i shall be saying that from now please do not blame me of pasting which im not doing after knowing it.
I am a little confused about what you are saying, but I am trying to understand. If you have been requested not to paste items, there should be no problems if you do not do this.

I will bring your concern (this thread) to the moderators to see if any of them can better answer your question. I tried to answer it, but I am not sure if you understood what I was saying.

Referring to a wiki article just to give people a reference should they want to read more is not the same as linking to a personal website (which is generally considered promotion). Wiki is largely regarded as an online encyclopedia, so it typically is not seen as promotion (so far as I know). If someone consistently replied by only linking to it, that would be a problem. But providing one reference to Wiki is not.
hello islamis4u,

Perhaps its time the moderaters sent a private message.
Here's the quick summary:

If it's your own words, feel free to be as long winded as you want. Remember, though, if you're sitting at a party, and there's one person who talks on and on and on and on and on, the rest of the folks tend to ignore them.

If it's someone elses, SUMMARIZE ... make the words your own.

Posting entire pages of stuff from other peoples websites/books is not nice, and it's not legal in most places of the world.

Posting a link to common reference sources isn't generally a problem. Posting links to websites as the primary content of your discussions repeatedy is. Think of it as having a conversation with someone, and always saying "well, I'm not going to talk about it here - go over there and talk to Charlie" - that's just rude, and makes it tough to chat.