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I was thinking, that perhaps it would be fun.... If we added random tips on how to make the world we live in a better place... Like example;

If you see someone carrying heavy shopping offer to help them.

When you see a stranger, smile, and ask them how their day is.

You know? Random suggestions.... Good idea? :D

Park your car a little further away from your home.

Invite your neighbors over for dinner.
If you have elderly neighbors who just can't get out, stop by a day or so before you are going to shop and offer them a ride your next time out. Stoping at the pharmacy drive thru is also easy to fit into this activity. Try to regularize the schedule so that it's not inconvenient for you or them. And if they insist on paying you something just tell them to buy you a meal while you're out every so often.

If they have lots of time on their hands just go over and chew fat with them. Take along sweets or cookies. You'd be amazed at some of the stories I've heard. And person-to-person stories are the only viable history in my book. Since I write I use lots of it in what I write, names and locations changed of course.

Don't play violent video games.

Smile at children. Squat down at their level when you talk to them. Listen to what they say to you, and realize that their words, pure as they are, cannot be wrong.

Buy and eat local food whenever possible.

Buy second-hand clothes, books, CDs and tapes, DVDs, and nick-nacks.

Use both sides of a piece of paper.

Read non-fiction books that interest you. Take notes and write in the margins (unless it is a library book; then just take notes). Talk about what you learn and how it affects you with someone you love.

Turn off the television. Throw it away, even.
I love this! :)

Acknowledge homeless people, even when you don't have (or don't want to give) money. I look them in the eye, say hello, answer any question (normally, can I give them money) and wish them a good day just as I would anyone else who I meet in the street who asks me something.

Dance to street performers' music.

Bring reusable bags to the grocery store and other shopping trips. Whenever possible, avoid using extra packaging and bags.

If you must buy new clothes or shoes, buy from companies and that are socially and environmentally responsible. It's normally really expensive, but that is because they aren't paying their labor $0.05 per hour or polluting the heck out of everything. And we don't need as many clothes as we think we do anyway. The bonus is that normally you get a superior garment that is well-made and has fewer chemicals in it.

Look for farmer's markets, co-ops, and CSA farms.

Turn off lights in rooms you aren't in and unplug appliances you aren't using whenever possible. Many appliances use around 40% of the energy if they are plugged in but off.

When people sit next to you at an airport, on the bus, where ever and want to talk, talk with them. Maybe it's just me, but I have random people tell me all about their problems on a fairly regular basis. They just seem to need someone to listen and be sympathetic.
The other day my 91year old Mom asked why each of the casinos on the strip couldn't pony up about $1million each and give it to people like Brad Pitt who are building adequate housing in New Orleans for the people our wonderful Federal Government would rather forget.

I patiently explained to her that like it or not New Orleans is a convention city and is in constant competition for business with our city for convention business. She said, "that's not right, but I guess I understand when you look at the big picture that way." An excellent example showing how business priorities get in the way of doing perhaps the morally correct thing.

As we know when in a group that group gets broken down into smaller groups so here is a nother one: Let down the defensive walls and talk to someone on the forums or work place you usually for some reason would avoid, perhaps because of faith differenes or whatever, try and start a conversation or join a debate.
Spend an hour or more somewhere volunteering (whatever piques your interest/suits your philosophical or religious needs.) Sometimes the workers there are especially appreciative (and, in the case of some animal shelters, so are the clients. :D)

What's the worst that can happen? You could learn something?

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
tell someone what a good job they have done. It doesnt have to be a huge undertaking, even the person who made you the cappacinno. Tell them it was the best you have had and you really appreciate it. That makes a difference to their day and next time you visit you will probably get treated like royalty. by the way 17th. and excellent thread and a satisfying way to spread the love. (see, it was that easy). LOL.
When you look at it yes, it is easy, lol but we somehow complicate things and it then somehow doesn't become so easy.... But, together, it can be made more simple! And I wanna spread it further! :D

I got a good one! Dress up! In your smartest clothes... Even if it is just a day of work, or a day around the house.. Put your smartest favourite clothes on, and see you're "worth it" :)

Say to yourself "I'm alive." Then contemplate on what that phrase truly means! :D

Trust in love....​
Try to behave as if they were you. Because, ultimately, they are.

As the full moon is nearly here, I'll throw out something that some Druids do- meditate, pray, or do a ritual for peace on the full moon. It helps remind me every month to have a concentrated evening of meditation for world peace. Yeah, it's just meditation. But on the other hand, I think changing our thinking helps change our action. And it reminds me to hold up in prayer and love all those who suffer because of war and conflict.
choose a song. Example "Do the twist." Put it on Loud... SING along... Get others to join in if possible but if alone do it alone and just.. Let it all out...

COME ON LIL FISH AND DO THE TWIST! My daddy is sleeping and moma ain't around.... *dances like a lunatic*
choose a song. Example "Do the twist." Put it on Loud... SING along... Get others to join in if possible but if alone do it alone and just.. Let it all out...

COME ON LIL FISH AND DO THE TWIST! My daddy is sleeping and moma ain't around.... *dances like a lunatic*

17th, is that you?


Fast for a day, from sunrise to sunset. If it's your first time, be kind to yourself and drink water and juices throughout the day. Break your fast gently at sundown. One suggestion to start breaking the fast is to drink some warm lemon water with a pinch of salt to further flush out your system, then eat fruits.

Not only will this help cleanse your system and clarify your mind and spirit, it will allow you to experience some small bit of the deprivation that some of our less fortunate sisters and brothers have to endure regularly.