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A thread for posting in for when a sheila needs to take a breather and just lurk.

Hugs to you and your friends that need them.

Have to say that I find it strange and disquieting that you have so suddenly withdrawn like this. And it makes me worry.

I can only hope and wish that whatever your reasons that you yourself are able to find happiness and comfort in those around you that you love and that love you. I appreciate that it cannot be easy to have a friend so close so ill but I hope and wish that even there you will find some happiness in your short time left to each other.

Please try not to be a stranger.

All my best wishes hunny xx
aawwwwwwww guys you are allllllll soooooooooooooo beautifulllllllll.
your thoughts and prayers and well wishes must have helped alot cos, even tho my good friend is not well,,,,,,,,, she is remaining strong and the rest of us are hanging in there..........
i didnt expect this lovely thread and all the kindness that goes with it........... but i should have really cos you guys are all the greatest.........
see........ you are all different ......... but underneath,,,,,,,,, the same.........