Virtual fancy dress party!



CR is having a virtual fancy dress party and you are all invited. You will come as what? and why?

I will come in a banana costume, because I'm a bit bananas ;)

Barack Obama. Why? Because of that "fancy" suit he is always rocking is not too "bananas," but just right for me at a dress party. I wanna be kool, yet not too flashy or standoutish (lol). If anybody is planning on coming as Michelle, let me know =).
No way, my days of sticking metal foreign objects in my flesh are long gone... I will however temporary get a red jewell placed in the belly button :D

Why red? I think a diamond might look better or you could go with a stone that is the color of your eyes....?:rolleyes:
So, in my mind 'fancy dress' for you gentlemen means this:


And for the ladies, this:


Although myself I'm more of a this:


Now, do you really want to be a banana?
You need a Thompson sub-machine gun in that picture.
Can men wear womens clothing at this party?:D
You need a Thompson sub-machine gun in that picture.
lol, was thinking of emigrating to the USA and becoming a political analyst for the republicans. Before running for mayor of Colorado springs. Maybe even take up a little freestyle evangelical religion ;)