A change is as good as a rest


So it goes ...
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I have, as some might know, been growing increasingly ill-humoured towards the old CR of late ... frustration really, and perhaps asking, or expecting, too much.

Using a simile from Path_of_One, I sought a 'walled garden' in which to discuss my faith with others. Brian has just finished what was, I'm sure, one hell of a task, and I doubt the thought of further complication holds much appeal.

So with a new look, I thought, maybe a new approach ...

My old avatar was an icon of one of the Fathers of the Church. Seemed good, I'm into Patristics, after all. I haven't abandoned them, of course, but I do seem to have adopted some of their more, er, human traits, a tendency to confrontation and argument.

Oh yes! Don't be fooled, the Fathers might be saints, but they were men of their time and of their place, and lived accordingly — and in those days, in philosophical disputes, no mercy was shown, none was asked, none was given. Oooh, I could tell you stories ... but there I go again, and that would be to engage in scandal and gossip, not worthy of a Christian at all!

So a change of tack for Thomas.

Rather than retire from the Forum, I have withdrawn across the Tiber, to the Roman bank, of course (for those who don't know, 'crossing the Tiber' was a phrase to infer conversion to the Catholic Faith) and I offer my observations from there. Please regard me as a distant voice, from another time, another place ... no threat to you, really, and no harm intended.

You can take my words or leave them ... if you feel minded to respond, all I ask is you refrain from ridicule or other forms of abuse. If you seek argument, then please do not waste my time or your own. Catholicism is some 2,000 years old, rest in the certainty that better minds than ours have been unable to bring it down, and better minds than ours have stood in wonder at her Mysteries.

We both have more worthwhile things to do.

Of course, all are welcome this side of the River, but please come with an open heart, that's all I ask, and I shall endeavour to receive you likewise.

God bless.

Good to meet you, again, Thomas. :)

I'm glad you are here. I also hope to make the most of this fresh start for CR, er, I mean IO (Interfaith Online). :D
You've always been a positive light on the forums, Thomas, and I'll always be grateful when you do make time to visit. :)
Hey Thomas.

I like the new look and I appreciate your motivations for a change of tack. I hope it goes well.

-- Dauer
The Tiber sounds a good place to be! Really glad you are back.