Starts tonight! 3 hours of it.. anyone else besides me watch it?
first season....but then it got beyond me...I can't keep up with serials, can't dedicate myself to not missing a program. I watch sporadically and either my brain is insufficient or you need a regular dose of this stuff to understand it. (had the same issue with lost, ie I was.)
I hope I can catch it tonight, but I may miss some of it. I'm meeting up with my parents and sister for some yummy Thai food.
Dauer .. the first hour is last seasons finale.. so you might make some of it

Alex ........WHA!! its awesome its the ulimtate good and evil fight never too later to catch up... :p
That was awesome. The lines are becoming so much more ambiguous, between right and wrong, good and evil. I lurv it. The characters are evolving. I thought that thing with Suresh was an allusion to The Fly, when he climbed up the wall and all that, that is the one with Jeff Goldblum, and based on what happened later I think I was right, though it's still unclear what he's becoming.
We're getting Series III 'coming soon' as they say — part of the Autumn (Fall to you) Schedules ... can't wait! To say we're hooked in our house can sometimes be an understatement.

Sometimes, with just a minute to spare, someone will call out "Save the cheerleader!" and it's a race to the sofa ...

What series will you be watching?

Season 3 starting without us Brits? Typical!!

Loved Season 1 - the build up was excellent, but the ending was a bit of an anticlimax - Peter is the most powerful "hero" but excepting for "save the cheerleader", never seems to have really tried to do much heroic (especially in the Season 1 finale).

Season 2 kind of dithered for a while, but luckily managed to recover itself towards the end. It was a bit worrying what happened to Mr Bennett, because now they have the ability to resurrect anybody, and that's a dangerous precedent.

But...I'll be hopeful.
Oi! Brian!

I'm in London, mate ... we're getting trailers for Series III, which I assume will be BBC 2?


PS: (Have you ever heard that standup routine that's just a bloke shouting to someone off-stage: "Dave! ... Dave! ... ... ... Oi, Dave! ... ... Dave! ... (sadly, doesn't work too well in print, but I laughed like a drain!!!) very cockney, not sure if it travels)
Not my cuppa tea Heroes. I like Lost though, and looking forward to the new series.
I'm pretty sure the UK run starts on the 1st of October on BBC 2. If you don't want to wait, all the episodes go online the day after they air in the US: Heroes | Watch Episodes Online for Free - Heroes TV Show on NBC: NBC Official Site

There are two episodes from last night, actually. They played back to back. They're bringing in quite a few apocalyptic themes it seems. I'm not going to say anything more than that on account of spoilers.
I clicked in for a minute early on it was three hours...it appeared the first hour was a discussion with the cast and a synopsis of the story so far and explanation of the characters and powers (an attempt to get me to watch more that didn't work) I think the second hour was the end of last season and the third the beginning of this one?? (assumptions I made during my brief stay in hour one)

1 hours of synopsis -- I skipped that -- and 2 new episodes.
I wanted to get into Heroes when it first came out, I really did. I tried following it but began to miss too many episodes. I might start over by buying the series on DVD, but I just hate to miss anything so I dropped it.
First off.. Alex! The Stand is one of my all time favorite mini series... next to Dune and Children of Dune the sci fi channel version..

I didnt get to watch Heroes.. although its taped. I was in the emergency room for 18 hours with my 6 yo.. I cannot even tell you what kind of hell THAT was but hes fine has a nasty viral infection.

But I will for sure be watching it tonight. Im stoked.. :)
I wanted to get into Heroes when it first came out, I really did. I tried following it but began to miss too many episodes. I might start over by buying the series on DVD, but I just hate to miss anything so I dropped it.

You sound slightly OCD like me... I hate missing episodes when Im into a show.. I go as far as turning on the caption text so my youngun doesnt make noise over any interesting dialogue that I can miss or lose the whole plot!
Hm...not sure. Opening to S3 came across desperate to impress, cliched, and too much like a pulp comic. Oh look - the future has changed again, Mohinda was always a weak character but seems to have completely changed his ideas and motivations, and the whole emphasis on action felt empty.

The way season 1 built up was great - S2 felt like it was getting lost in itself - and S3 feels like it's trying to overcompensate in trying to produce a reaction.

Feeling cynical. :)
Oh dear ...

... got to agree with Brian here. A keen fan of S1 and S2, I just didn't engage with S3 ... I didn't turn over to watch the next episode, which says something. I'll give it another chance ...