November 30, 2023

Is True Love biblical ? The bible says about finding True Love?

by Interfaith

The bible tells us love comes from God, but what type of love is true love. Is true love from God? The true love God says is what needs in the heart to find it? Is his True love as a father, the love a women and men must have to find true love? The love of a couple of men and women the love he wants us to love so we can love the universe like him or love like Jesus? Love comes from him a father loves, a mother loves, and love of siblings is love and the bible verses says all love is his creation. What is your experience in true love? What bible verse you found tell true love or other love God says in the bible.

We will look at verses and find proverbs 31 the women God wants and psalms a place where true love is and verses.


davidsheep88 Nov 9, 2023

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