September 1, 2022

Let’s Question the Western Left Hand Path!

by Interfaith

When broken down into its core foundation. The Western Left Hand Path is an antinomian process of externalizing your True Self. The way it works is that we have this ability to experience our True Self, our Full Potential Being, this can be referred to as our GodSelf. It is the perfected you and is your Psyche/Soul/Greater Self. What is referred to as Apotheosis on the Western Left Hand Path does not entail ‘becoming’ a god per se, it entails realizing one’s Greater Self, and bringing this Self into your everyday life in order to become more than Human.

We don’t have Divine texts, Messianic heroes, dogma, or an exclusive claim to truth, we are not outdated, harmful to the individual, harmful to society, an impediment to the progress of science or humanity, a source of immoral acts, or customs, or a political tool for social control.

So, what do you find misleading or possibly invalid with Western Left Hand Path spirituality/philosophy?

(Discussion in ‘Left Hand Path‘ started by ‘Amir Alzzalam 28/08/2022)

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