God of the Witches

Dr Margeret Alice Murray

Dr Margeret Murray’s most famous work is most definitely “Witch Cults of Western Europe”, which is considered to be one of the most important historical studies of witchcraft of the twentieth century. This work, “God of the Witches”, is essentially a summary of all the ideas present in the original work, and certainly lacking the extensive manuscript quotations of the former work, which covered a number of other languages. This book is an easier work for the general reader to study.

It must be noted that Dr Margeret Murray has not only come under fire from Christians, but also modern witchcraft practitioners as well, who feel that their work and rituals may be especially misrepresented. However, within all this, it must be remembered that this book serves as a study of mediaeval witchcraft, which should not be mistaken with the somewhat romantised modern interpretation of practical witchcraft – or wicca – which is highly derivative of Gerald Gardner.


chapter 1 – the horned god

chapter 2 – the worshippers

chapter 3 – the priesthood

chapter 4 – the rites

chapter 5 – religious and magical ceremonies

chapter 6 – the divine victim


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