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wisdom seeker

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I would like to say that I truly believe that you have an excellent site for the free exchange of ideas and I count myself very fortunate to have found it.

Although I am very strong in my belief in God and in my relationship with Jesus Christ, I have recently developed a curiosity in other faiths.

My curiosity developed as I began to consider that God has created each of us to be unique and that He calls each of us "unique" individuals into relationship with him. I then asked myself the question..."Why would a God that seemingly celebrates uniqueness by design, only desire His people to come to Him in one particular "Way".

I have begun to consider that my particular faith may be only one instrument in a complete orchestra of faiths that together provide beautiful music to Gods ears.

I look forward to learning a great deal from all of you and sincerely hope to provide some "food for thought" along the way as well.:)

~wisdom seeker