Most Wicked Guitar Solos of >>ALL TIME<< !!


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k ... by "all time"... i mean like.. last century...

cuz like, the guitar wuz only invented ...

okay whatever! you know what I mean :/

rite then, my pick:

Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter

Guitar work so epic, the damn song doesn't even have any real lyrics!
Hm, speaking of Jimi - Voodoo Chile is a real classic.

Of course, a little spoilt for choice with Led Zep, but I guess WHole Lotta Love should be in there.

One of my personal favourites has always been Iron Maiden's Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.
@ Brian

My little brother's amazing with the guitar and he's crazy about Zepplin too. So I get to hear the live versions of their songs pretty often :)

@ Wil

That 11 year old sold his soul for those skillz!!! Like that oldskool blues legend guy
I bet none of you have heard this before:
YouTube - salman ahmad- heer

The actual song starts 40 seconds... its called "Heer"

@ SG

Time for you to pick up that guitar again SG, start rockin' :)
I cant get on youtube at work but I will list my faves guitarists

Eddie Van Halen -Jump
Yngwi Malmsteen - anything
Kirk Hammett - any metallica song but One is my fave
Richie Sambora - Wanted Dead or Alive or really anything.

my FAVORITE current because my tastes have changed as Ive aged is Kaki King who played in the movie August Rush. I listen to that soundtrack over and over. Its beautiful