The person above me is of the opinion that..."


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A simple idea... you do not post your own opinion but that, with as much artistic license as you like, of the person who posted previously.

Only three rules:

1:You are not allowed to reply or respond to those that parodied you.

2:Every 10th poster must change the subject (post 10, 20, 30....)

3:Keep it good natured!

Rule 1 is required I think to keep it on track.
Rule 2 the change can be done at beginning or end of post.

Our first subject will be:

Reality Shows.

So who will be the first taker? What do I think about Reality Shows?

~~~~Can the first 'the' be edited out of thread title please?~~~~~
re: The person above me is of the opinion that..."

The tao above me believes that the best reality show could be made at the pub down the lane. The combination of local talent, along with their out of town relatives and the occasional lost tourist combination of bare lucidity with innane topics pulled from headlines and alcohol are a great contrast to my appearances and interesting reparte.
re: The person above me is of the opinion that..."

The person above me, Wil, recently figured out that the X-Files TV show actually was not based upon a true story. Friends are still trying to convince him that the Colbert Report is not pro Republican.
re: The person above me is of the opinion that..."

(as Dream)

I used to watch Survivor, but I don't really like reality TV shows anymore. I prefer surreality to tv, although I suppose that we could combine the two together, and that would be pretty kosher. Perhaps we could graft Donald Trump into the animated Marvel Universe, where he would hire and fire supervillains for great, notorious capers set in the 1920's. Al Capone, played by Nicholas Cage, would make a guest appearance every so often.

Shows like this could be made in people's basements using geothermal energy.
re: The person above me is of the opinion that..."

Pathless, who is above me, is of the opinion that Reality Shows are scripted!


[edited because Pathless posted before me!]
re: The person above me is of the opinion that..."

Ahanu, whose post precedes this one, is likely of the opinion that reality TV shows are just fine and dandy, even when they get really ugly or really boring. Live and let live.
Seattle gal lives for reality tv shows, especially the ones with Paris and Nicole in them. She revels in their dysfunctional attitude to life and one day aspires to give them both an awakening of heart, a shoulder to cry on, and a kick in the ar-e. Seattlegal loves these shows because after all, anything that bizarre has to be true.

(LOL. s/g my apologies).
I, (Greymare), think reality shows are a hoot! I find the bitchiness and power struggles hilarious to watch. I think they never give them enough drink though, they would be much more fun with everybody really forgetting the cameras are there and being sozzled all the time. The contestants should really put something back into society though, perhaps when being voted out you should be contractually obliged to give up an organ for donation. Or clear landmines, pogo-stick method, in Africa.
I, Tao, being a red-blooded Scot, watch only one reality show and that is Big Brother - so that I can fantasize about doing unspeakable acts with Davina McCall.

Doh, my name indicates that reality shows are right up my alley! I love to live vicariously thru the lives of the infamous. I wish they'd make a Real Wives of West Virginia, now that would be the ticket. Or instead of Dirty Jobs, Ice Truckers, Reno Cat Houses, or Lumberjacks... Life in the Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Plaza lunch room....

Subject Change: Space Aliens

(as Wil)

Let's see, the universe is immense full of galaxy clusters in which there are hundreds or is it thousands of galaxies, in which there are innumerable solar systems... yes I think it likely that space aliens exist, highly likely that they are more advanced than we are, after all we've what created incredible civilizations and sent men to the moon but then again what have we achieved in the vasy expanse of space and time. Do i think they are little green men? no, but i don't discount that they may be; anything's possible, but I think they are most likely beyond our comprehension not human-like at all but could be anything, i mean anything... fireballs with lice for eyes, huge behemoths made of gelatin and 2x4s, totally invisible. G!d is ineffable and unkowable, (S)He can do anything, so why not thousands upons billions of onion-shaped gas bubbles, integalactic squiggly majigs, floating fantasies of magic dusk? Why not sentient free-floating volcanoes with brains the size of six grapes... perhaps not all of what the scientologists have written is complete bull.
Is of the opinion that Space aliens really do exist, and your goverment is hiding known facts about their existance. Late at night will sit for hours outside in his yard with pens and paper to attempt to communicate with them, by of course drawing them. With naturally protection/preventions taken, a nice tin foil hat pink wellington boots and nothing but a vest and his boxers is the ideal protection.

He was once attacked by an alien with a phas0r gun in attempt to assassinate him... but fourtunatley the shot missed him and hit a nearby pine cone, which he then stumbled upon and it was 10x bigger than the average cone.. True story.

He attempts to battle the "curtain campaign" of the goverment by using his art as weapon as this is what he see's it as and also with smeer campaigns and blogs using his skills of psychology that he learnt at school.
not one to divulge the true nature of my core self to mere mortal entities who would disintegrate immediately if l exposed my real being, my intergalactic origination remains just that, intergalactic and privy to only a few 'other' aliens on this forum.
I have seen space aliens. It was after quietly awaiting a moonrise one evening over the Dornoch Firth. The northern lights caressing the horizon with tendrous filaments of violet and green auroral gossamer. The salty mirror of an unusually becalmed, horizon spanning crystal of sea reflected a half risen quarter moon broken only by a school of dolphins making a leaping journey from south to north. At first I thought it was a rising star, then perhaps a distant light on a fishing boat. Then I realised it was on the same course as the dolphins. Gazing in amazement I saw the dolphins make a leap toward a light that was too bright to define its source and dissapear. It was over in a few seconds, they had all, at least 20 of them, dissapeared into the light. But the show was not over! Immediately I had thought that the dimming of the light was it receding from me. Infact it was the opposite the lights did dim, and it was headed straight for the headland I was sat upon. With the lights dimmed I caught a great view of it, it was a fling disc! The coloured lights all around supported a giant goldfish bowl and all the dolphins were in it, waving their flippers at me in greeting.
It was a wonderful night and to top it off my Elderfower wine was as fizzy as champagne and I opened a third bottle to celebrate!!
the horses patutie of a different color above me indicates that there are no such thing, Now the damned illegal aliens taking the jobs of the good working man in our community is another thing. But space aliens, no way, they aint alien they are native, the lizard men have been here all along and control our gov't and the world from little out of the way sandwich shops around the world, it is a pastrami network that influences all our decisions by the 'natural flavors', food coloring and inert ingredients used to 'bind'...yeah bind that's right, bind our ankles to the chain of apathy and death and taxes...
Wil possibly believes that angels and demons are actually space aliens touring this planet. The rules might say, "Don't tease the wildlife," but you know how that goes. Can't we all just get along?
I, (Tao Equus), am firmly of the opinion that aliens are a conspiracy concocted between governments and religious aristicracy that evolved from a primordial cesspool that arrived here on a meteor in an effort to control all of our minds by inserting random nonsense and calling such nonsense religion...and that had things gone just a little different, the rest of the world could have as much common sense as I do.

But since they can't, I'll console myself with my preferred bottle of anesthetic. Pour me another one!
subject change : dating agencies

moi believes, despite my rational outlook in life, that love in the highest sense of the word could be sought through written communication much like the courtly love of knights and damsels of ye old chivalrous past; years of sophisticated and enticing notes of endearment and cuturally accepted modes of sauciness may, with the grace of god, bring true love satisfying my need intellectually, emotionally and sexually to the heights of a divine union made in heaven [on earth].