The person above me is of the opinion that..."

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Subject change: Pets
i, te, are going to take my bat and ball and go home. (to my savage hihghland terrier)

I have a pet wallaby. She is real handy for keeping the brandy in my crocodile skin flask at perfect body temperature and keeps the lawn cropped too! She is called Skippy of course. And if you think that too butch for a little girl you never had a vegimite sandwich :rolleyes::D
The person above me doesn't know I have a trouser press officer who specifically looks after my squid when the squid auditor is off on his holidays. The squid is a prized specimen and is crossed with a moose and dyson hoover.
When it gets angry you know about it, but it's calm till provoked.
as you can see my mate is a perfect pet, she lends me a helpful flipper every second of the day for my constant dip
pets? Do dust mites count? Or what about the lichen on the rocks in the garden, they are so nice and well behaved, never asking for much, won't fetch, but we sit and have such lovely conversations.
I have a seasonal pet(s). A colony of honey bees that overwinter in my beard. Mostly they just sleep but I have to eat anything with honey in it real quick.

I also have a raccoon called Rocky. He keeps eating my bibles.:(
He keeps eating your bibles? haha Are you sure your not giving them to him on purpose? Speaking of rocky the first one was the best.
Please read rules on Post 1 and stick to them... this is not a discussion thread and will not work if rules are not followed.

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Subject change: Pets

(as Postmaster)

I have a gay hamster no disrespect to gay hamsters or anything but I don't think its natural, so what do other people think? I've been feeding my hamstr a stricly meet and potatos diet. i've shredded the latest scientif literture on can gays be cure and mix it in with reglar newspapers for him to do his business in anc chew on I'm hoping that soon when I introduce a couple of juicey female hamsters this kind of cognitive therapy that I am doing will have straitened him out. I repsect him as an indiviudal hamstr and as a pet, but it think he would really apporve of what i'm doing for him. It's hard to know, you know since he's a hamstr and we can't really communicate but then I do talk to him and I think he does wnat to try to go ungay.

What are peoples thought?


:D ;)

(as myself): Ribbing you, PM!!!! :D :D :D
pets are for petting; l've so many pets l can't get out to my car on the driveway everyday [hence my name]

subject change :bath or shower?
I Pathless, having devoted my life to the sacred pine cone sect, have now gone forth unto the wilderness to invite all Natures pets to become mine, and me theirs.
Some nuts are hard to chew.
ah, the bath, ya start a fire, ya draw the water, anticipation as there is nothing like resting in the communal washtub whilst on walkabout in the outback looking at the roos jump shower...thats a wallaby of a different color, them there waterfalls are cold.
So I added a couple of stove eyes and now I make breakfast while I'm showering! Isn't that cool!
Bath or shower!! How disgusting. The only civilised way to wash, Purrrrrrrrrrrr, is to lick yourself clean.
bath or shower? thats for ninnies, me, l'm a rider on the sands and dive into the firth of forth at any given opportunity [or the local swimming pool if thats frozen over]
I, nativeastral, have taken one too many showers and baths in subfreezing weather, which should amply explain my blue skin...

Subject change: toppings for pizza

I am open to suggestion when it comes to pizza, but my favorite topping is haggis. :D
I am extremely fond of pizza, so when I found this amazing pizza fractal I just had to use it for an avatar. Its a 4-cheese pizza with extra maple leaves.