The person above me is of the opinion that..."

I nativeastral, believe that most dating agencies are woefully unprepared to deal with all of the intricacies surrounding matchmaking--astrological aspects, numerological compatibility, interfaith relations, and cross-cultural counselling. Maybe they will get up to speed one day, but I don't see it in the stars...
(SG) Dating Agencies! Who on Earth needs them? I already have to fend the men off with a cattle prod. Muuu
Dating agencies are just awesome... I Go under the handle of Tommy Tickle Mcfancy. On my profile I am a 28year old 6'ft 15stone bronze god, Occupation... Secret Agent! My likes in a women are marinating them in a fine malt and an attraction to the laws of physics... Dislikes in a woman... Belife in a god. Additonal information: Must be able to do the highland fling! Ideal date: You and me in the middle of the celtic grounds naked, candle lights all around and a big ass angus burger each! Oh... And of course some malt would be nice!
Provide my own dating service by first rescuing a damsel from malicious government agents, then torture her to insure she is loyal to the cause.
I, (T E) have enlisted the help of many a dating site. And I am having wonderful fun escorting the lovely ladies around the sites of Edinburgh. (once we compare our sexy legs in our short skirts,, sorry kilts.)
l [love the grey] am a living example of the success of online dating agencies and would thoroughly recommend it to any lonely hearts out there in the big wide world!

ps. all the best
Change of subject.

What do you think of Capital punishment?

Many Western countries have abolished it. Maybe one day all countries will.
oh, i have had this discussion befroe and nearly lost friends over it.
Lets just say, that I know what some people think and I shall agree to disagree with them. LOL
Sometimes she capitally punishes and scrambles her eggs or executes her toast with frozen butter.
Is Capital Punishment like getting 'lines' at school and having to do them all in upper case?
(ps no online dating agency involved, except Interfaith. LOL) thanks Brian again.
(remember all in fun and no responses...)

Capitol Punishment give me a break, or them, pun intended. I am the way of the horse and drawn and quartered is my style. Capitol Punishment of course is a no brainer...don't waste your time with incarceration or some namby pamby dogooder reeeehaaabilitaaaaaaaayyyyssshhhhhhhhun, it aint gonna work. You wanna get something accomplished lets talk corporal punishment, the whip and the paddle, embolden primary and secondary schools have the lash handy at grocery stores and street corners for parents who aren't carrying one...lets get these young whippersnappers in line before they present a problem
* Rolls up her sleeves..*
Dont make me hurt you...
Ive climbed over bigger men than you, just to WATCH a fight!

What is this, pick on the Greymare day?
Fair Dinkum, !

You pacifists stick to your "stop it, i dont like it.." "cant we just hold hands and be friends." , attitude to the nasties, and i'll keep extending my compost heap...

"anyone got any lime i can borrow..?"

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Hey, I was just razzing you. I once drowned my toast in butter, so I am the last to criticize.