The person above me is of the opinion that..."

[change of subject]Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets. (Matthew 7:12)[/change of subject]
[postmaster] I love such oral traditions of reciprocity. ;) [/postmaster]
[Will]I like scrolling through Law books in my spear time but in my professional life im an entrepreneur who founded Maryland cookies, I will never tell you my secret ingredient[/will]
[Poster] I am especially fond of doing unto others. By doing, I mean kissing and stuff. By others, I mean girls. Naturally that is what I want them to do for me. Not having much luck though. 50 Euros just to have a picture taken! [poster]
such universal aphorisms must be respected and upheld, particularly as they are concretely confirmed by archeological evidence in the shape of stone tablets and cave grafittis circa 25,000BC
[nativeastral] As you want them to light your candle, light theirs! As you want me to give you a million bucks, give me a million bucks! Hey and a foot rub would be groovy! [/nativeastral]
[Dream] there is no such thing as a reality only opinion and my opinion is that postmaster is the best [/Dream]
reality to me is nightclubbing with belles on [and exploring ancient greek metaphysics in the daytime]
[nativeastral] Reality is subjectively disparate and co-dependent on the objective built upon the implementation of modus, whether by inculcation or derived from propositions subject to objective scrutiny, but is always unique![/nativeastral]
Reality is a telephone line. Sometimes I take the call. Other times I take a message.
[juantoo3]I dispise reality! I was in a reality TV show once! And I got to second place to a midget that won. Talk about discrimination![/juantoo3]
[sg] ooooohh, brownies, brownies brownies, frosting, frosting, cinnamon, jalapenos, world turned inside out! out out out...wooh. Once you get past the burning, its a whole new world of flavor! Burn me!!! Burn meee!!!!! [/sg]

[postmaster] I think reality is real. I'm no hippy, and I say reality is real. Its fun to toss out the word and watch people talk about it as-if it were some kind of playdough! but its R-E-A-L Challenge me to an armwrestling competition and I will help you to understand what real means!

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